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Use of Information & Communication technology in Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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Use of Information & Communication technology in Tourism

Use of Information & Communication technology in Tourism

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Use of Information & Communication technology in Tourism

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  1. Use of Information & Communication technology in Tourism Thanks to the mundane scientific & technical innovations, we’ve entered into a new world of technology. Use of information and communication tech is rapidly increasing, and this world has become a village that can be navigated through the clicks of a mouse. Internet, the ocean of knowledge, is in access of everyone, making both official and day-to-day life easy and hassle-free. From dispersion of products/services to networking of business and fun-filled activities to instant access of knowledge on any topic, Internet has countless of beneficial uses.

  2. And due to this ease of access, the travel industry is facing with a new breed of customers. They are independent and prefer to plan their holiday themselves. Gone are the days when travelers had to move one agent to another for getting information and travel deals for his holiday. Now majority of such customers are connected to the Internet, and can easily find vacation packages and hotel deals online. They can easily grab the destination information, travel deals and other necessary assistance needed for a hassle-free holiday.

  3. Internet is available 24x7 through mobile phones, cable television and personal computer or laptop; that means you don’t need to be bothered about time and place to conduct your research. You can rest assured of making well-informed decision whether you’re booking luxury Mumbai hotels, budget hotels in Delhi or something else associated to travelling. Most of travel agencies have their online address. All that you need to do is to choose a reliable travel company to book all that you need. Comparative analysis allows the consumers to enjoy their holiday at a relatively low cost.