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Report to the World Assembly PowerPoint Presentation
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Report to the World Assembly

Report to the World Assembly

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Report to the World Assembly

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  1. Report to the World Assembly OMEP at the United Nations Maria PiaBelloni OMEP Main Representative to the UN & Judith T. Wagner OMEP Chief Administrative Officer at the UN

  2. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS • Brief update: • Major achievements* • Next steps • New WASH project with UNICEF • Conference sessions • How YOU can participate * See Annual Report for detailed information. (Hard copies available here)

  3. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS • OMEP eligible for representatives at • UN Main Headquarters in New York • Geneva • Vienna

  4. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONSA brief overview: • OMEP has Special Consultative Status at the UN because • NGO = Non-governmental Organization • Civil Society or Third Sector = Volunteer organization, distinct from government and business • Active members in so many countries • History of strong advocacy and responsible action • Capacity to contribute to global policy and practice

  5. OMEP at UN Headquarters, NY Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) OMEP Main Representative OMEP Chief Administrative Officer 3 alternate representatives Department of Public Information (DPI) OMEP President 2 Representatives 2 Youth Representatives

  6. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS • 4 NGO Committees • Education • Family • Migration • Subcommittee on Displaced, Migrant, and Refugee Children’s Issues • 2016_Founding member!: Committee for the Elimination of Racism, Afrophobia and Colorism

  7. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS • OMEP’s Special Consultative Status • New opportunities • New responsibilities

  8. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS What’s OMEP?  We need OMEP! Every time a door opens for OMEP, we gain opportunities to speak up for the world’s youngest children. OMEP is often the only early childhood voice in the room. That’s why we must be there!

  9. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONSAccomplishments and Next Steps

  10. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS • Years of intergovernmental and interagency negotiations on the language of the SDGs  to negotiations implementation, monitoring, and assessment • Organized and participated in numerous high-level presentations on refugee children • Numerous position papers and publications, ranging from bibliographies to declarations, concept papers and scientific articles Distant reps can contribute to documents and mobilize constituents. The team on the ground builds relationships  strength & action.

  11. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONS With UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) and Save the Children, OMEP has authored Recommended Principles for Children on the Move and Other Children affected by Migration.

  12. OMEP at the UNITED NationsPROJECTS • Early Childhood Development Initiatives for Refugee Children (in development) • Early Childhood Emotional Support Kit with the American Red Cross (pilot in progress) • WASH from the START Global Handwashing Day  integrated daily WASH New publication with UNICEF

  13. WASH from the START A new UNICEF and OMEP initiative to create an early childhood version of Raising Even More Clean Hands, promoting water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH). The Call to Action will advocate to stakeholders to increase the implementation and visibility of WASH in preschool settings. • CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS • Brief stories of WASH activities in preschool settings (500 word max): • Pedagogies for integrating WASH • Increasing coordination between ministries • implementing ECE programs • Monitoring of WASH facilities • WASH in crisis and emergency settings Submit by 31 July 2016 to jwagner@whittier.eduor

  14. OMEP at the United Nations Does the 2016 OMEP World Assembly reaffirm our commitment to Continue the WASH from the START and to document this work on world and national websites and in the annual report? Celebrate Global Hanwashing Day (October 15)? Work to integrate WASH into preschool curricula? Promote inclusion of WASH in teacher education? Show support! Attend our sessions!

  15. OMEP at the United Nations in NY Goals for 2016 Strengthen New York team Strengthen partnerships with UNICEF, Early Childhood Peace Coalition, UNHCR, other NGOs Continue NGO committee leadership Influence policy Host and participate in important events and meetings Continue policy briefs, position papers, concept notes Complete projects Emotional support project for refugee children Red Cross project WASH from the START publication

  16. OMEP at the United Nations What YOU can do…. Help the New York team Circulate information we send national committees and post on the website Check the UN Daily Journal: Know what’s going on Contribute a story to the new WASH publication Show support! Attend our sessions!

  17. OMEP at the UNITED NATIONSCONFERENCE SESSIONS OMEP's Growing Role at UN, UNICEF, UNESCO and Beyond: Policies and Projects Wednesday 1:30 Education Building B, Room 151 Education for Sustainable Development Thursday, 1:30 Education Building B, Room 151 UNESCO’s Global Action Plan (GAP) 9:00 Friday Education Building B Room 253

  18. OMEP at the United Nations We’re in this together! We’re in this for the children… their families… their teachers and caregivers.