chapter 16 3 the holocaust n.
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Chapter 16.3 The Holocaust PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 16.3 The Holocaust

Chapter 16.3 The Holocaust

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Chapter 16.3 The Holocaust

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  1. Chapter 16.3The Holocaust Sarah Doherty Samantha Goff Scott Dimler Tiffany Dickus Period 4

  2. The Holocaust Begins • “As a part of their new order for Europe, Nazis proclaimed that Aryans were a ‘master race’. They claimed that Jews and other non-Aryan peoples were inferior. This racist message would eventually lead to the Holocaust, the mass slaughter of civilians, especially Jews.” (pg 451)

  3. The Holocaust Begins Conti. • Everything began with an “ugly campaign of anti- Semitism”. Which developed and became a large persecution throughout Germany. • The Nazis blamed the Jews for losing World War I and for all the economic problems they faced. • The killing of the Jews became a “government policy”. With the passing of laws against the Jew’s existence. • It took away their rights to citizenship, jobs, and property. • Jews were forced to wear a bright yellow star on their clothes to identify themselves as a Jew

  4. Hitler’s Final Solution • “Hitler believed that his plan of conquest depended on the purity of the Aryan race. To protect the racial purity, the Nazis not only had to eliminate the Jews, but also other races, nationalities, or groups they viewed as inferior- as ‘subhumans’. That included gypsies, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, the insane, the disabled, and the incurably ill. The Jews were focused on more than any others.” (pg 453) • The Nazis built extermination camps with gas chambers for an easy way to mass murder. There was about six death camps in Poland. These gas chambers was able to kill as many as 6,000 humans a day.

  5. The Survivors • A grand total of about 6 million Jews died in the concentration camps during the Nazi mass murder spree. • Not many Jews survived the events of the Holocaust

  6. Vocabulary • Aryans- Germanic peoples, who claimed that they were the “master race” • Holocaust- The mass slaughter of civilians, especially the Jews • Kristallnacht- November 9th, the Jewish shop windows were systematically smashed, that became known as the “Night of Broken Glass” • Auschwitz- the largest of the Jewish death, concentration camps

  7. Vocabulary (conti.) • Ghettos-segregated Jewish areas • Final Solution-Hitler’s final plan for a genocide, his plan to thoroughly kill the entire Jewish race. • Genocide-a system of killing the entire people • The SS-Hitler’s elite security force, who helped Hitler and some thousands of other collaborators round up Jews to take them off to isolated spots, like Auschwitz.

  8. Review Questions • How and why did the Holocaust begin? • What was Hitler’s “Final Solution”?

  9. Review Answers • How and why did the Holocaust begin? • The Holocaust began because the German’s were in desperation and Hitler showed the German people hope. • What was Hitler’s “Final Solution”? • Hitler became impatient waiting for the Jews to die from starvation, so he decided to take a more direct action plan. This systematic killing included not just the Jews but other nationalities, also gypsies, Poles Russians, homosexuals, the insane, the disabled, and the incurably ill, but they were mainly focused on killing the Jews