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iProcurement Features & Functions PowerPoint Presentation
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iProcurement Features & Functions

iProcurement Features & Functions

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iProcurement Features & Functions

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Presentation Transcript

  1. iProcurement Features & Functions The Department of Procurement & Contracts\purchasing

  2. Objectives • Review the Internet Procurement (IP) application. • Look at the components of IP • Home Page, Requisition Creation, Requisition Research, Approvals, Receiving, & Profile setting. • Take a quick glance at Item Catalogs\purchasing

  3. What is iProcurement? • iProcurement provides a web based method for requestors to create requisitions, research the status of requisitions, and receive (PODUP) delivered orders into the system.\purchasing

  4. Benefits of iProcurement • IP brings together all of the aspects of creating, manipulating, and researching requisitions into a single user friendly system. • The screens are clearly labeled, laid out, and easy to understand. • Screens guide the requestor through the entire process from start to finish. • Checkout options are easy to understand and the design keeps you out of trouble. • Real Time information.\purchasing

  5. Benefits of iProcurement • Receiving and making corrections to receipts has never been easier. • IP is web based for ease of access and resembles many internet shopping sites. • Navigating through the IP system is done by clicking buttons and links as opposed to opening and closing forms.\purchasing

  6. The Home Page\purchasing

  7. Parts of the Home Page • Page Tabs and Buttons • Links\purchasing

  8. Parts of the Home Page • Greeting and General Information • Purchasing News\purchasing

  9. Parts of the Home Page • To Do List • See requisitions pending your approval • Reassign this responsibility when you’re gone\purchasing

  10. Parts of the Home Page • Requisitions at a Glance\purchasing

  11. Parts of the Home Page • Categories and Lists for browsing.\purchasing

  12. The Home Page\purchasing

  13. My Profile • Accessed with the My Profile tab • Allows us to enter default information to be applied to requisitions created\purchasing

  14. It’s time to Shop • Access the shopping page from the home page. • Shopping Tab • Shopping Link\purchasing

  15. Shopping Page\purchasing

  16. Shopping\purchasing

  17. The Results Page\purchasing

  18. Selecting Items Items can be selected one or several at a time by clicking the check box to the left of the desired items. • Checked items can be unchecked if necessary by clicking them again.\purchasing

  19. Acting on Selected Items • Once items are selected, you can: • Compare them, if two or more items are selected • Add them to your favorites list • Add them to your cart\purchasing

  20. The Results Page - Compare Selecting multiple items and clicking the Compare button will display the items for side-by-side comparison.\purchasing

  21. Add to Favorites • Select the items to be added and then click the Add to Favorites button.\purchasing

  22. Add to Favorites • The items will be here for future use\purchasing

  23. Add to Cart • Select and click the Add to Cart button.\purchasing

  24. The Shopping Cart\purchasing

  25. The Shopping Cart\purchasing

  26. Checking Out • When you have everything in your cart that you want, proceed to checkout.\purchasing

  27. Delivery Information • Need by date • Who it’s going to • Where it’s going\purchasing

  28. Enter Billing Information\purchasing

  29. Review Charge Accounts • Charge Accounts are built by the account generator • Charge Accounts can be manually changed\purchasing

  30. Final Review of Charge Accounts • Multiple distributions are indicated by a “Multiple” link in the Charge Account field.\purchasing

  31. Enter Notes & Attachments\purchasing

  32. Review Approver List • Multiple factors can be used to determine if further approval is needed for the requisition. If not, you can choose to continue or add additional approvers.\purchasing

  33. Review List & Enter Justifications • Add approvers as desired\purchasing

  34. Review and Submit\purchasing

  35. Confirmation Page\purchasing

  36. Requisition Status • Find information about a requisition from either the “Requisitions at a Glance” region or by clicking the “Check Requisition Statue” button on the Home Page.\purchasing

  37. Requisition Status • From the Requisitions at a Glance • Click link under Status • Click link under Requisition\purchasing

  38. Action Buttons • Copy to Cart • This creates a new shopping cart using the selected requisition as a template. Use this to create a duplicate requisition. • Cancel • This will cancel the requisition. This only works on a requisition that has no part of it placed on a purchase order.\purchasing

  39. Action Buttons • Withdraw • This will withdraw an approved requisition as long as no part of it has been placed on a purchase order. • Resubmit • Use this to make modifications and resubmit a Returned or Rejected requisition.\purchasing

  40. Receiving\purchasing

  41. Receiving\purchasing

  42. Receiving • Add your quantities • Click the Receive button\purchasing

  43. Receiving • Add info about the receipt • Either for the entire receipt • Or for each line separately\purchasing

  44. Receiving • Click Submit when done and your receipt is made.\purchasing

  45. Catalogs & Lists • The purchasing department can maintain Public Lists of their choosing.\purchasing

  46. Catalogs & Lists • Requestors see what you want them to see.\purchasing

  47. Conclusion • Oracle’s self service iProcurement application is designed to make it easier for a requestor to create requisitions. • There is a very informative home page that acts as the starting point for the requestor’s processes. • Both shopping and receiving have been made easier for the requestor.\purchasing

  48. Conclusion • Core users typically find it easier to understand and to use since the IP application takes you step-by-step through each process with simple steps. • Instructions are often given on each page. • People new to Oracle will find it easy to understand and seasoned core users will find it easy to transition to.\purchasing

  49. Questions?\purchasing

  50. Thank You\purchasing