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How Good Dental Hygiene Can Save Your Teeth PowerPoint Presentation
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How Good Dental Hygiene Can Save Your Teeth

How Good Dental Hygiene Can Save Your Teeth

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How Good Dental Hygiene Can Save Your Teeth

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  1. How Good Dental Hygiene Can Save Your Teeth

  2. When you think about having good oral hygiene, there's much more to it than a pretty smile and the ability to savor a hearty meal.

  3. Research has shown that bad oral health can lead to some fairly serious health issues you may not think are related, such as heart disease.

  4. Despite this, we often fail to give oral hygiene the proper attention it deserves, even with our extensive health care plans.

  5. We forgo brushing as often as we should, we don't floss, and make up another reason why this month isn't a good time to see the dentist.

  6. But not caring for your mouth is dangerous. Even deadly. And that's not an exaggeration.

  7. What you don't realize is what happens at the gum line that sets off a chain of events that can cause some very serious issues, like stroke, miscarriage, memory loss, and even a heart attack.

  8. When it comes to keeping yourself safe and healthy, proper oral health is one we can control, but the one area we neglect the most.

  9. It Begins With The Gums

  10. Right after you finish brushing your teeth, the process begins of plaque buildup begins.

  11. It coats the surface of the teeth and is easily removed again the next time you brush.

  12. The problem is after only about a day's time, the plaque buildup begins to harden thanks to the minerals in your saliva.

  13. It builds on and in between teeth and in the gum pockets. In a few short weeks, that soft substance becomes like cement and can only be removed by a dentist.

  14. Your mouth is also teeming with bacteria. Even a healthy one, no matter how hard we try.

  15. The issue is bacteria loves plaque because it provides them a perfect environment to colonize and grow in numbers.

  16. They love to feast on various starches and sugars in food, fermenting them in a way that forms an acid that damages teeth and causes erosion, decay, and eventually cavities.

  17. If you're not constantly taking care of your teeth and the plaque and tartar buildup isn't removed, the bacteria begins to grow in the area known as the periodontal which is at the gum line and between teeth.

  18. As the bacteria grows, it begins to cause a mild case of gingivitis, which makes the gums swell up and bleed. And the longer the bacteria has to grow, the worse the situation becomes, giving way to full periodontitis.

  19. The gums become full of pus as the tissues pull away from the teeth and exposing the bone. That leads to more rot and disease until the tooth no longer can stay anchored in the mouth.

  20. Your body has a wonderful way of attacking and removing infections.

  21. It whips out all its weaponry to fight off anything that invades your body to make you sick.

  22. In the case of having poor dental hygiene, your body is constantly under attack and works overtime to try and heal the disease.

  23. Working in a constant defensive state, you don't get a chance to properly recover.

  24. That ensures that there is a leakage of bacteria into the bloodstream and ultimately makes you sick.

  25. This is why it's important to visit one of many amazing family dentists for regular check ups and to remove the hardened plaque from our teeth.

  26. Be sure to brush and floss regularly. If you're someone who has already suffered loss of teeth due to periodontitis, there are many cosmetic dentists available to fix your mouth and correct damage already done.

  27. There's no excuse for bad oral health. These issues are all completely treatable and reversible to help save your teeth and your smile.

  28. If you are seeking professional dental advice, it's time to call Shumway Dental Care.

  29. Their Chandler dentists will ask you questions, examine you, and determine exactly what needs to be done to get you back to beautifully.

  30. Call today for an appointment.

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  32. Shumway Dental Care 3150 S Gilbert Rd Suite 1 Chandler, AZ 85286 (480) 659-7800