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Rich/Poor Gap PowerPoint Presentation
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Rich/Poor Gap

Rich/Poor Gap

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Rich/Poor Gap

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  1. Rich/Poor Gap By: Todd Welsh & Amber Webster

  2. Boys being educated Roman Education • Poor ancient Romans didn’t receive an education, many still learn to read and write. Children from rich families went to school.

  3. American Education • American education allows anyone to receive and education, so long as they can afford it. Those who can’t afford to go to school either don’t receive an education, or they get homeschooled.

  4. Education Comparison • Rome and America are similar in the education factor of the gap between the rich and the poor. If you can’t afford to go to school, then you can’t go.

  5. Education differences • In Rome only the boys with money could attend school while girls stayed at home and learned how to cook and clean. In America we allow both genders to attend school.

  6. The Growing Economic Gap in America • In 2002, the median salary for CEOs at the top 100 U.S. corporations was $33.4 million. At the average large company in the U.S., the top dog got $5.2 million. That means median CEO’s pay at large companies was $1,017 an hour. • Even Army Gen. Tommy Franks, who led the U.S. invasion of Iraq, earns a payment, by comparison-just $69.10 an hour for his services.

  7. The Economic Gap in Rome • After the Punic wars, mergers created large corporations that put many family farms out of business, and filled Rome with homeless people. It wasn’t just the family farms either. The corporations also got rid of local businesses as well.

  8. Economic comparisons • In terms of economy, America and Rome are still similar. We have large corporations that receive more money than local businesses, making the local businesses get shut down, or bought by the corporations. So the rich get richer and everyone else gets poor.

  9. Economic differences • The difference between Rome and America in terms of economy are different because, America owes money to just about every other country and is now majorly in debt, while Rome didn’t.

  10. Rome and America Conclusion • Rome and America are very similar in education and economy. They are more similar than they are different. Which makes the answer to the next question kind of obvious.

  11. Is America Following in Rome’s Footsteps? • In terms of the rich and poor gap, America is, in a way, following in Rome’s footsteps. More people are losing their money and local businesses are being put out of business by large corporations. Also people who don’t have an education could live a poor life or they could be homeless.

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