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WP1: Periodic Review and Inception Report – Progress and Next Steps PowerPoint Presentation
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WP1: Periodic Review and Inception Report – Progress and Next Steps

WP1: Periodic Review and Inception Report – Progress and Next Steps

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WP1: Periodic Review and Inception Report – Progress and Next Steps

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  1. WP1:Periodic Review and Inception Report – Progress and Next Steps Jerome Simpson, VANGUARD Project Coordinator 3rd March, 2010. Consortium Meeting, Freiburg

  2. Slide 2/15 Presentation Structure • Periodic review report (20’) • Horizontal coordination (10’) • Peer reviews (10’) • Monthly virtual meetings (10’)

  3. Slide 4/15 Periodic Review Report.. time again • Periodic review reports (M12, 24, etc.) provide the basis for reimbursements • We are obliged to use the standard FP7 reporting system • Guidelines (incl. template) are online at: • First periodic report is due within 60 days after March 14th, ie. May 14th (see: pg. 6/Section 2 of the FP7 grant Agreement “General conditions)” • Report requires accurately costed resource utilisation and a more detailed assessment of technical progress • Commission annual review process on the results of the report anticipated end May. Not clear yet who, besides REC, should attend

  4. Slide 5/15 Periodic Report - Content For report content, Section 2 of the FP7 grant Agreement requires: a) A publishable summary (sec.1), project objectives (sec.2), progress towards the objectives of the project (sec.3), plus achievements and attainment of any milestones and deliverables (sec. 4). The report should also include the differences between work expected to be carried out in accordance with Annex I and that actually carried out (sec.5), b) An explanation of the use of the resources (Sec.6), and c) A financial statement (sec.7) d) Certificates for spending above Eur 375,000 (sec.8)

  5. Slide 6/15 Periodic Report – Sec.1-5 + 8 a) Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 REC will compile based on the accepted DoW, the bi-monthlies & fin.rpts. Where I miss info, REC will either approach you bilaterally and/or highlight gaps in draft 1, to be sent out appx. April 9th, 2010. Action: Please submit your Feb-Mar bi-monthly report by April 10th(next Friday!) ICLEI, EUROCITIES and SENTER NOVEM we still miss yours for Dec-Jan! Please also be ready to provide comments on the draft periodic report byApril 16th!

  6. Slide 7/15 Periodic Report – Sec.6 1: Total direct costs have to be coherent with the directs costs claimed in Form C b) Section 6 requires an explanation of the use of the resources per partner. This info is collected in tabular form. NB: There is no standard definition of "major direct cost items". Beneficiaries may specify these, according to the relative importance of the item compared to the total budget of the beneficiary, or as regards the individual value of the item. Action: Complete VANGUARD_FinRpt_M7_18.xlswhich will be emailed to you March 12th and are online at: report figures for the period Mar. 15th, 2009 - March 14th, 2010 and submit to REC by April 9th! NB: With this info, REC will also finalise Sec.3 of the periodic report (statement on use of resources per WP)

  7. Slide 9/15 Periodic Report – ‘Costs’ (Sec. 6)

  8. Slide 8/15 Periodic Report – ‘Effort’ (Sec. 6)

  9. Slide 10/15 Form has just one modification: A line’s been inserted for “type of partner” at top Periodic Report – Sec.7 c) Sec.7 is the signed financial statement. It is also known as “Form C” or “Annex VI.” It is already available as an excel sheet called FormCBook.xls at: need one completed & signed by each beneficiary. Action: Complete FormCBook.xlswhich will be emailed around March 12th.Please report figures for the 12 months from March 15th ’09 till March 14th ’10 and email to us April 9thand based on our Ok,mail/courier a signed & stamped version by April 30thlatest! d) Sec. 8 is the certificate for spending above Eur 375,000 – still not envisaged to be required for this particular report

  10. Slide 11/15 Periodic Report – Sec.7 (Consolidated Report) Based on your completed Form C’s, on April 16th REC will prepare the consolidated financial report that shows the claimed Community contribution of all beneficiaries in aggregate form.

  11. Slide 13/15 Horizontal Coordination • CATALIST • VANGUARD busy w “CATALIST’s” PR Tracker, possibly moreso than CATALIST! Excellent mapping by ICLEI, coordination of participation with CATALIST afoot • VANGUARD’S use of the city outreach database now regular w TTR’s WP3 geo-responsible partners following up + members’ mailing list & reporting tools ‘in the pipeline’ • ‘Secondary sellers’ survey ongoing, results will feed into VANGUARD’s “Friends of CIVITAS” concept. • VANGUARD thematic roll ups got feedback • CIVINET • Introduced to the PR Tracker, Events Calendar and Outreach database, w checkbox for city trackinginstalled (hopefully) • Questionmark how to put CIVINET online • POINTER • ELG participation planned w a view to mine evaluation results

  12. Slide 14/15 Peer Reviews…one year on *ICLEI not directly invited to peer review 5.1 and 5.2

  13. Slide 3/15 Monthly virtual meetings • Positives • Dec, Jan and Feb completed • Minutes or action items circulated • Useful forum for exchange, light-hearted, enjoyable • Negatives • Technical barriers from time to time • Room for improvement in local mic-wiring, webcam use ;-) • One WP leader inaudible at all three telecons ;-)

  14. Thank You Jerome Simpson and Slavica Stavrik Tel: +36 26 504 039 Tel: +36 26 504 000 E-mail: and