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NFO Interactive Capabilities Overview BGSU September 18, 2001

NFO Interactive Capabilities Overview BGSU September 18, 2001. Types of Research. Syndicated Product Movement Audience Measurement Polling Industry Trends/Market Share Custom Concept Testing Product Testing Attitude/Awareness Habits and Practices. Respondent Administered.

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NFO Interactive Capabilities Overview BGSU September 18, 2001

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  1. NFO InteractiveCapabilities OverviewBGSU September 18, 2001

  2. Types of Research • Syndicated • Product Movement • Audience Measurement • Polling • Industry Trends/Market Share • Custom • Concept Testing • Product Testing • Attitude/Awareness • Habits and Practices

  3. Respondent Administered Interviewer Administered Methodologies

  4. Choosing methodology, sample, questionnaire design Collecting data Making sense of the data – data tables, topline report Analytical/statistical reports – where to go from here Steps of Research Design Field Processing Interpretation

  5. NOW Part the Interpublic Group Third largest Advertising Company in the world Revenues exceeding $7 billion Western Europe MBL Group Infratest Burke Gulf & Middle East United States Indian Subcontinent MBL Group Latin America IPSOS Affiliates Australia & New Zealand CM Research NFO Worldwide Network China & Asia Pacific Countries MBL Group Canada CF Group

  6. NFO Genesis Division • 55 years of experience: founder and leader of panel-based consumer research: unparalleled understanding of: • Market research expertise • Panel creation & maintenance • Fielding, analysis, and interpretation • Projectable results • 1,239,650 household interactive panel & still growing! • 100,000 household European panel • Mail, telephone & interactive

  7. The Traditional World ofMarket Research • Cross Tabs • Regressions AnalyticMethods RespondentSources AccessMedia Insight Time CostAccuracy • Random • Lists • Panels • Mail • Telephone • in-person

  8. The Online Market:No Longer If or When: Now! 65.7%66mm Computing Households 60.3%60mm Online Households

  9. By 2003, it will be 2/3rds Online HHs approach PC HHs Computing Households Online Households

  10. Higher valueto clients The Internet ChangesMost Everything • Cross Tabs • Regressions AnalyticMethods • Conjoint AccessMedia RespondentSources Insight Far fasterLess costlyBetter quality Better delivery • Random • Lists • Panels • Mail • Telephone • in-person • Online databases • Online recruitment • Online intercepts • Online panels • WWW • e-mail • Chat • Bulletin boards

  11. 5 years of experience 45 people & growing Dedicated group: category & Internet research professionals 4.0+ million completed surveys and 2200+ completed studies 100s of online focus groups Dozens of ‘validation’ tests Research on research Full research functionality: Qualitative Quantitative Analysis Modeling Interpretation Fast, accurate, provides actionable insight into consumer needs, behaviors & opinions

  12. Applications New Product Testing Concept Tests Package Design Web Site Evaluations Purchase Tracking Customer Satisfaction Advertising Effectiveness Segmentation Attitude & Usage Brainstorming/Ideas

  13. Finding Your Audience Various Internet Recruiting Techniques • Panels • Web-site (pop-ups, registration) • Banner Ads • E-mail/customer lists

  14. Internet-based Tools Used Today • Chat Technology • Online Focus Groups • Web-based surveys • Quantitative studies • Email • Screening • Surveying (minimal)

  15. NFO Interactive Solutions NFO//net.source or Custom Sample Interactive Tools Web-based Quantitative Surveys Chat Technology Email NFO//net.focus NFO Fast Feedback NFO Site Gauge NFO//net.discussion NFO//net.concept NFO Interactive Insights

  16. Fast Feedback Online Omnibus • Weekly survey (Multiple-client participation) • 15,000 completes per week, 30,000 on the quarter • Screen for low-incidence populations for follow-up surveys. • $2700 per closed end question Deliverables: Online Cross-tabulations Weighted to Internet and Census

  17. NFO//net.focus Online Focus Groups • 60-90 minutes • Chat technology & moderator • Supports any Web Object • Ongoing observer communication with moderator, unseen by respondents Define Target Recruit for Day/Time Email reminder Go to URL Enter Password Greeted by Moderator Respondents Focus Room Sponsor Observation Room

  18. Pros No travel Saves time & money Encourages client attendance National representation Open/honest discussion Greater anonymity Less “group-think” Transcript in minutes Natural environment for high tech topics Cons Can’t see respondents No body language Limited product/concept presentation Online users only NFO//net.focusTMPros & Cons of Online vs. Live

  19. NFO//net.concept Rapid concept screening: Save development dollars, time, resources: • Screen hundreds of ideas • Fast (5 days) & cost effective • Evaluation by ~200 target consumers • Provides an initial objective hurdle • Search for other opportunities • Requires additional investigation • Move forward • Enter traditional research processes

  20. NFO//net.discussion On-going Discussion Groups • Hybrid discussion group/list server • Client initiates discussion • Consumers participate • Threaded discussions • Client manages: • Topics • Discussion content • Supports graphics • Easy to use

  21. User Experience Design/Layout Content NFO Site Gauge Site Assessment: Basic Evaluation • Revisit • Transaction • Bookmark • Referral Intent • Enjoyable • Not confusing • Entertaining • Easy to navigate • Visually appealing • Loads quickly • Relevant Information • Clear & Concise • Up-to-date

  22. NFO Interactive Insights Web-based survey capabilities • Access control • Question sequencing • Support any internet object • Auto rotation of responses • Support of skip questions • Field-specific validation • response to all questions • response matches instructions • Deliverables: • Real-time toplines • in-depth analysis

  23. NFO Interactive Insights Best of Both Worlds Controlled Like Telephone - Question sequencing - Automated skip patterns - Piping - Rotations - Self-correction - Data Cleaning Visual Like Mail - Visual stimulus - Concept statement - Photo/diagram - Logo - Advertising visuals - Efficient rating grids, etc. But Better … - Real-time toplines - Fast turnaround even on large samples - Cost effective - Respondent friendly 24x7

  24. Online Survey Example http://opinionforce.com/nfoidemo/ Madison's Best Vanilla Cranberry Nut Ice Cream • Net.concept – respondent view of a survey • Topline report – quick results from the survey

  25. We have learned that… • Interactive research is not as easy as it seems: • Market research and panel experience is an absolute! • Diverse respondent technologies require technical support. • Respondent community management makes all the difference: • Improves response rates. • Ensures representativeness. • Security: perceived as a big issue: • Panelists (PINs, protected identity, security protocols). • Clients (PINs, firewalls, security protocols). • Client concepts. • Questionnaire design: a different science: • Internet standards and expectations.

  26. Market access and scale: • 500,000 interactive households Market knowledge: • CPG, health care, financial services, travel, high-tech… Speed and technical knowledge Confidence in results! The NFO Interactive Advantage Interactive Panel and Operations Business FocusCustomer Service Panel and Systems 54 years of Experience and 24 Months of Testing

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