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RCS Catalyst LSI Update PowerPoint Presentation
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RCS Catalyst LSI Update

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RCS Catalyst LSI Update

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RCS Catalyst LSI Update

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Presentation Transcript

  1. RCS Catalyst LSI Update Goal: Assist Catalysts with understanding proper processes for entering Customers and Prospects, Tracking Status, reviewing Results and pinpointing Data Issues using LSI

  2. Getting Ready for LSI • Computer • Server or Workstation • How many people will Connect determines needs • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) / Battery Backup • Backup Strategy • Windows 98 or ME vs. XP Professional • Reliability is the key • Selecting a Printer • Inexpensive Printers Ultimately Cost More

  3. Select Open (or RUN) to Download and Start the LSI Installation Wizard LSI PROSPECT MANAGEMENT

  4. Use the buttons at the bottom of the installation wizard to guide you through the installation process

  5. Click the LSI Icon to Start

  6. Fill in the information and use the “Next” button to walk through the Installation

  7. Installation and Setup is completed, click OK to enter LSI

  8. Imports have Gotten Easier! • ConsumerTRAC Import Benefits • Consistent File Format Every Time (no waiting) • Files have “.fmc” Extension (easier to find) • Import Name Automatically Extracted from File • Simple for Dealers to use

  9. LSI PROSPECT MANAGEMENT • Marketing & Advertising • Business Development Center (BDC) • ConsumerTRAC • Competitive Advertising Database • Dealer Direct • FordDirect • Ford Dealer Toolbox • FCSD Marketing Central • Retail Trade Cycle Management • more Marketing & Advertising


  11. Choose the Type of Download CSV Download LSI Download

  12. Sold Customers are the ones that bought from the Dealership (they typically have a VIN)

  13. Incorrect! Correct Information is in Wrong Fields

  14. Entering Customers (Prospects, Sold & Service) Sold Customers Download from ConsumerTRAC and Import Import from DMS System Manual Entry Prospects Real-Time Entry (leveraging existing data – Drivers License Scan) Import from DMS (Showroom DMS Entry in Reynolds, ADP, UCS) Entry from “Up Cards” or Desk Log (leveraging existing data) Download Opportunities from ConsumerTRAC or other lists Service Import from DMS Manual Entry

  15. Entering a New Prospect

  16. Prospect Entry - Critical Items Date Prospect Type (Walk-in, Phone, Internet, Other) Name Address Phone Numbers (as many as possible) Email Address Vehicle Desired (New/Used, Make & Model) Source (i.e. Flyer, Yellow Pages, Referral, etc.) Salesperson

  17. IMPORTANT! Always Enter Customer & Salesperson Names in Last, First format to make it easier to find them later

  18. Prospect Entered!

  19. LSI Drivers LicenseScanner

  20. LSI Scanner Information Scanner uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means it “Reads” the front of the License Picture feature can be turned off if Customer requests. IMPORTANT – Manage Expectations… OCR is not perfect, you will get some read errors, especially when there are holograms and background pictures Requires a Computer with a USB 2.0 Port

  21. LSI Scanner

  22. LSI Scanner

  23. Recalling and Looking Up Prospects

  24. BROWN, B Enter Name or other items in one of the QuickSearch Fields When there is a Comma in the QuickSearch entry the results are sorted by Last Activity

  25. – OR – Press the “F3” key for more Search Options BROWN, BOBBY

  26. Click on Column Headings to sort by that Column – You can also Click on a Column Heading and “Drag it to a different location



  29. Menus

  30. Lookup File Letters LSI Menu Items – Main Screen

  31. Reports Setup Help LSI Menu Items – Main Screen

  32. Fields Available Tools LSI Menu Items – Main Screen

  33. Export LSI Menu Items – Recall Screen Tools NEW !

  34. Notes Link a Scanned PDF File to the LSI Record

  35. Link a Scanned PDF File to the LSI Record

  36. Reports

  37. The BDC Audit Report • Why BDC Results and Ford BDC Results Reports are different • How we Track Dates in the BDC Results Report

  38. Unsold Results Report

  39. CSR Results Report

  40. Call Timing Report

  41. Active/Working Prospects Report

  42. Appointment Results Report

  43. Prospect Traffic Count Report Why don’t the numbers always match on different Reports?

  44. Fixing Metrics Errors

  45. Cleared Activities Edit Window – Fixing Metrics Errors