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‘Compelling learning’ PowerPoint Presentation
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‘Compelling learning’

‘Compelling learning’

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‘Compelling learning’

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  1. ‘Compelling learning’ What makes ‘compelling learning’ and what constitutes ‘effective practice’ in PSHE education?

  2. What follows this slide? A series of slides offering: • QCA’s definition of what makes a compelling learning experience • key principles of effective practice drawing on national research • Ofsted ‘grade descriptors’ for teaching and learning. Key questions to each slide might include: • To what extent does our current practice reflect these? • Would our students agree? • What could we do differently?

  3. QCA defines a ‘compelling learning experience’ as one that: • gives learners a sense of autonomy, including the chance to think critically, make decisions, take responsibility and manage risks • offers opportunities for co-operation and collaboration • broadens horizons and raises aspirations • offers contexts that challenge learners and encourages them to step outside their comfort zone • is real and relevant, connecting learning at school to the world beyond the classroom

  4. QCA definition (cont) has a clear sense of audience and purpose provides contexts that draw together several aspects of learning: connecting different subject disciplines, focusing on a specific subject, or linking learning through cross-curricular dimensions, or the development of Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills has clear learning outcomes relating to what learners need to know and understand, the skills they will acquire and areas of personal development.

  5. Effective practice in PSHE education Respects and builds on the prior learning and experiences young people bring to new learning. Provides learning contexts that young people recognise as relevant. Provides a wide variety of teaching and learning styles with an emphasis on interactive learning - the teacher as facilitator. Encourages critical reflection, especially of emotions and explores how to transfer learning from one context to another.

  6. Effective practice in PSHE education Takes a positive approach focusing on what young people can say and do to ‘be healthy’, ‘stay safe’ etc., (ECM outcomes). Provides realistic and relevant information. Provides opportunities for young people to make real decisions about their lives and practise taking responsibility for their decisions. Takes place in a safe and supportive environment where young people feel able to take risks with their thinking.

  7. Ofsted ‘Outstanding grade descriptor’ for ‘quality of learning’ The quality of pupils’ learning and their progress and the quality of learning for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their progress: Outstanding (1) grade descriptor. The pupils acquire knowledge, develop understanding and learn and practise skills exceptionally well. Pupils demonstrate excellent concentration and are rarely off task, even in extended periods without direction from an adult.

  8. Ofsted ‘Outstanding grade descriptor’ for ‘quality of learning’ (cont) They have developed resilience when tackling challenging activities in a range of subjects. Their keenness and commitment to succeed in all aspects of school life and ability to grasp opportunities to extend and improve their learning are exceptional. Progress is at least good in each key stage, key subjects and for different groups, and is exemplary in some.