by mckinley king zoe brownfield n.
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False Authority

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False Authority

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False Authority

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  1. By: McKinley King Zoe Brownfield False Authority

  2. Argument from Authority/False Authority • Asks audiences to agree with the assertion of a writer based simply on his or her character or the authority of another person or institution who may not be fully qualified to offer that assertion.

  3. Universal Example • • In this commercial, NBA star Blake Griffin, advertises gamefly. This is an example of false authority by, just because a famous professional athlete stated that he liked gamefly, he said it would be amazing for everyone that purchased it.

  4. Crucible Example • Act 2, page 192 • Character Committing: Mary Warren • Type of Fallacy: False Authority • Elizabeth: “It is a mouse no more. I forbid her go, and she raises up her chin like the daughter of a prince and says to me, “I must go to Salem, Goody Proctor; I am an official of the court.” • Problem: Marry Warren feels like that she means something to the court and she believes that since she said she needs to go, she feels that she has the authority and right to disobey Elizabeth Proctor and go to Salem.

  5. Crucible Example • Act 3, page 219 • Character committing: Abigail • Type of Fallacy: False Authority • Abigail: “Let you beware, Mr. Danforth, I think you be so mighty that the power of hell may not turn your wits? Beware of it!” • Problem: Abigail has accused all the girls of being witches and she is asked to think about it and tell the truth. Abigail thinks that she is above and better than all the other people in Salem and thinks that her accusations should not be questioned and its all because she said they were true so everyone should believe her.

  6. Crucible Example • Act 3, page 218 • Character committing: Abigail • Type of Fallacy: False Authority • Abigail: “I have been hurt Mr. Danforth; I have seen my blood runnin’ out! I have been near to murdered everyday because I done my duty pointing out the devil’s people and this is my reward?” • Problem: Abigail feels that if the blame has turned towards her, even though she is the one that has placed the blame on everyone else. Also that because she has helped pointing out witches she should be honored in the court and town of Salem.

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