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2010 Leadership Development Framework LA – Leadership Academy PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 Leadership Development Framework LA – Leadership Academy

2010 Leadership Development Framework LA – Leadership Academy

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2010 Leadership Development Framework LA – Leadership Academy

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  1. IBM Growth Markets Unit Human Resources 2010 Leadership Development Framework LA – Leadership Academy

  2. Introduction • Our Focus is : • Emerging Leaders and Managers (BTL or Not) • Cross vision not focused on critical gap roles, but what is common for emerging leaders and managers • Create something easy to help managers to understand the minimum curriculum required and the offerings we have • Create mandatory trainings and concept of “manager certification” • GMU Focus is : • All tiers, but special focus on BTL • We are not given a special focus to sales yet. • What we are going to present is a combined version between GMU effort and LA initiative, that is called Leadership Academy (meaning the roadmap that aspiring leaders/managers need to follow). Slides 4 to 15 were added in LA.

  3. A Company of Experts: Career and Growth at IBM Expertise Capabilities Leadership + + + + Job Role Expertise: Combination of skillsand behaviorsrequired to perform aspecific job at IBM. Career Capabilities: The broader qualifications togrow and flourish in achosen career at IBM. IBM Competencies: Leadership behaviors unique to IBMers that distinguish thecompany.

  4. Sr. ExecutiveLeaders Leading the Enterprise Up-line / Executive Leaders Leading Organizations Transitional Development High Potential Development Performance Support First-line Leaders Leading Teams Emerging Leaders Building the Leadership Foundation GMU Leadership Development Framework – Emerging Leaders, First-line and up-line Managers • Global Level • Leadership offerings and programs cross to all roles, based upon leadership segments. • Other roles based programs available, eg. Sales, Technical ,should complement Leadership development. • GMU level • Leadership Development framework or roadmap offering an organized view of the main trainings that GMU new managers should make in order to be certified in their leadership journey. Most of the trainings in it are considered mandatory. • GMU programs will address critical areas of knowledge for new managers like financial and business acumen, IBM Strategy, etc. • It also provides a guide and suggestions for experienced managers. • Intensive usage of feedback, coaching and mentoring within the framework reinforcing the importance of Upline role in the development of new leaders and to leverage transfer of knowledge /expertise. • The learning interventions/courses in the roadmap were identified through different sources, like: MFP scores, feedback from HR community, direct feedback from managers, suggestions and discussions from GMT leadership forums. It is connected and reinforces the NMO (New Manager Orientation) global initiative. • GMT level • Execution of Global programs according with the proposed roadmap • Execution of GMT local specific development, complementing global offerings. GMU Lead Critical New Mgrs and Mgrs Programs* * Country Leadership Forums, Other specific interventions to help new managers to be better managers, Emerging Leaders support for identification and development , etc.

  5. Prioritized Tier Approach - Emerging Leaders and New Managers • BTL Resources • Critical (Gap) Roles • Success Profiles • Development Plans - 70% Experiential - 20% Coaching & Mentoring - 10% Programs • Role Based Programs • Transitional Programs • Build Capability in Role • By Segment (Business & Technical) - Executives - Uplines - 1st Lines - Emerging Leaders Executives New Mgrs & Managers BTLR Band 8 - 10 Interlock between LD and BTL Partners Operational Learning Plan Interlock between DWP Partners & LD Emerging Leaders • Attendance targets • Market-based schedule • Value metrics • Resource & budget requirements Band 5 - 7 Communicated to the HR Partners

  6. Development Framework - Emerging Leaders and New Managers Common Capabilities, Competency and Expertise for Managers IBM Strategy People Mgmt Bus & Strategic Acumen Tools for effectiveness Upline Accelerator, LDM’s, Diversity Offerings, specific interventions Leadership Segment NMO, Explore key HR topics, BBNL, LDM’s, Diversity offerings, specific interventions Leader Foundation, Emerging Leader, GDC Team Leaders, LDC

  7. EL and New Mgrs Development Framework - Key leadership disciplines IBM Competencies (Capability) Embrace challenge Partner for clients' success Collaborate globally Act with a systemic perspective Build mutual trust Influence through expertise Continuously transform Communicate for impact Help IBMers succeed Demonstrating Leadership CC People Management (Expertise) Performance Management Promote teamwork and collaboration Apply diversity policies & practices Leading High Performance Teams Manage Talent Career and people dev Resource Allocation Give Feedback Coaching Motivation IBM Strategy (Expertise) IBM Strategy, Annual Report, Company Results Smarter Planet Bus Leadership Model Linking employees work to IBM mission Business & Strategic Acumen (Capabilities) Business Acumen: IBM Clients, products and solutions, competitors, marketplace Financial Acumen Strategic Thinking Managing the Business CC Tools for effectiveness (Expertise) Stakeholder Management, Influencing, Networking, Manage Time, Manage Change Project Assignment Mentoring Coaching Mgrs Community Strategic Networking

  8. = People Mgmt Emerging Leaders (Band 6- 8) = IBM Strategy = Bus Acumen = Tools for effectiveness Objectives : Leadership awareness and initial preparation exploring basic Leadership concepts 1-2 years before appointment 1-2 years before appointment = Virtual Learning = F2F Learning = Self Study/Others = GMT Local Activities Emerging Leader Tracks Leader Foundation Lead Pro Strategy reading for potential managers Coming soon Leadership reading for potential managers IBM's Strategy Made Simple -- podcast The Business Leadership Model -- podcast Connecting the Strategy to Our Work -- podcast Strategy Education (Group level strategy modules) – Website - Website Sam Palmisano's Home Page IBM CEO Understanding IBM - Our company, our values, our world IBM Annual Report

  9. = People Mgmt New Manager - Leadership Development First Year = IBM Strategy = Bus Acumen Objectives : Support the transition, Introduce basic HR processes and concepts, Explore Leadership models & tools in IBM = Tools for effectiveness Financial acumen toolkit for managers(recommended) Basic Blue (BBIL) 3m (after appointment) 12m 9m 6m = Virtual Learning = F2F Learning Diversity Awareness = Self Study/Others Manager letter : welcome & acceptance New Manager Orientation Business Ethics for Managers (PD0172) =GMT Local Activities Under construction Fast Break Exploring Manager Portal(recommended) Diversity: WIKI (optional) Only if Manager came from outside IBM Leadership Videos Leadership Forums* (recommended) IBM Mgr Community (recommended) Leadership tools and resources(recommended) * Ex: Manager’s Day, Manager’s Gym, Blue Clubs Roundtables (recommended) HR Partner 1:1 (recommended) Feedback Informal Feedback / Coaching from Manager and HR Partner Leadership Surveys (Basic Blue Participants) MFP Survey Structured Review and Manager feedback evolution

  10. Performance Feedback videos IBM managers who provide timely and appropriate feedback to their subordinates improve employee performance, employee morale and employee career growth. These Performance Feedback modules -- audio and video -- let you observe 10 common managerial mistakes. With expert analysis from Harvard Business School Professor Linda Hill, learn the most effective ways to provide employee performance feedback. Difficult Conversations videos Difficult conversations have uncertain outcomes. Although you may rehearse the conversation, you still worry about saying something wrong or not achieving your desired results. Besides this video, also check out the Difficult Conversations QuickView ,to learn how to turn a potentially contentious situation into a coaching opportunity. IBM CareerSmart is the complete suite of career programs and resources available to you for growing your career at IBM. It is organized in an easy-to-navigate fashion: PLAN your development, GAIN skills and experience, and TRACK your progress. Link to IBM CareerSmart Framework: Link to Demonstrating Leadership: IBM Competencies – Link to Managing the Business - Click here to go back

  11. Exploring Leadership Topics (optional) = People Mgmt New Manager – Leadership Development Roadmap : Year 2 = IBM Strategy = Bus Acumen = Tools for effectiveness Objectives : Explore and reinforce leadership topics and concepts, improve leadership effectiveness Perf Mgmt : Setting Goals (recommended) BBNL Re-survey discussion (recommend) Perf Mgmt : TBDM 1 - 6 m 7 – 12 m = Virtual Learning = F2F Learning = Self Study/Others Performance Mgmt Giving Feedback Diversity: Inclusive Leadership for mgrs Activities = LA Local Diversity:Work/Life Flexibility for mgrs Performance Management: Team-Based Decision Making Under construction MFP Q8 Meaningful Dialog Leadership forums* (recommended) Performance Management: Giving Feedback MFP Q8 Employee Development: A Meaningful Dialogue * Ex: Manager’s Day, Manager’s Gym, Blue Clubs Exploring MFP Guide (optional) Feedback Leadership Surveys (after 6 months of BBNL completion) Informal Feedback / Coaching from Manager and HR Partner Structured Review and Manager feedback evolution MFP Survey

  12. Fisrt Line Managers - Leadership Development Roadmap = Virtual Learning 2-5 Years After Appointment = F2F Learning Empowerment Coaching for Leaders = Self Study/Others Leading through inspiration Employee Experience MD363G Objectives : Leverage knowledge and experience, revitalize leadership concepts, methods and tools = GMT Local Activities Diversity: Shades of Blue for Mgrs Empowerment: A Personal and Organizational Perspective Leading through Inspiration, Collaboration and Influence Employee Experience Coaching for Leaders: The G.R.O.W. Process Leadership forums* (recommended) IBM Competencies Analyzing Your Leadership Behaviors IBM Competencies Analyzing Your Leadership Behaviors Obs: If manager is working in an international role / environment., should take this course as soon as possible OR Diversity: Microinequities The Power of Small * Ex: Manager’s Day, Manager’s Gym, Blue Clubs 5 Years and beyond LDM’s According BU’s/Countries requirements Activities Objectives : Consolidate knowledge / experience, develop advanced leadership and people management skills IBM Competencies Analyzing Your Leadership Behaviors Leadership Surveys: Assess & Develop your Leadership EffectivenessMD362G Leadership forums* (recommended) * Ex: Manager’s Day, Manager’s Gym, Blue Clubs

  13. Exploring Leadership Topics Upline Managers - Leadership Development Roadmap = People Mgmt = IBM Strategy = Bus Acumen = Tools for effectiveness First Year After Nomination Upline Accelerator Strategic Alignment (Recommended after Upline ACC) Objectives : Understand shift in the role (managing managers), revitalize leadership concepts, methods and tools Employee Experience MD363G Activities = Virtual Learning = F2F Learning = Self Study/Others =GMT Local Leading Leaders: Upline Accelerator Strategic Alignment Module for Upline Leaders Employee Experience Leadership forums* (recommended) * Ex: Manager’s Day, Manager’s Gym, Blue Clubs 2nd Year and beyond IBM Competencies Analyzing Your Leadership Behaviors Activities Self Awareness Leadership forums* (recommended) Objectives : Consolidate knowledge / experience, enhance business acumen and leadership skills * Ex: Manager’s Day, Manager’s Gym, Blue Clubs Self-Awareness for Individual Effectiveness for Uplines

  14. New Manager- roadmap coverage for Key Leadership Disciplines Perf Mgmt Feedback Meaningful Dialogue Empowerm. Leading through inspiration Perf Mgmt TBDM Strategic Alignment BBNL Re-Survey BBNL Coaching for leaders NMO Leadership Videos & Podcasts Upline accel Financial acumen toolkit Leadership Forums O X X X X X X X X X X X People Mgmt X X X O X IBM Strategy O X Bus & Strategic Acumen X X O X X X X X Tools for Effectivenss X X = LD portfolio O = Local offering