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Shia Islam

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Shia Islam

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  1. ShiaIslam Nada Ismail , Shaheen Parvizi, Dekoiya Burton Cameron Kauder

  2. Origin/Story • After the last prophet, Mohammed, died in 632 AD, a successor or caliph was supposed to be chosen. (There is debate weather or not Mohammed had chosen a caliph before he died) • Mohammed had a cousin named Ali ibn Abi Talib who believed by the Shia body was supposed to be the first caliph BUT he wasn’t… • Abu Bakr, a companion of the prophet, was chosen as the 1st caliph from 632-634 • Umar was the 2nd caliph from 634-644 • Uthman was the 3rd caliph from 644-656 • Ali was then the 4th caliph

  3. Conflict-Split • The split of the Sunni/Shia originally began from the debate of the first caliph. The Shia body believed that Ali should have been the first caliph. • The word Shia is derived from Shia-t-Ali or the followers of Ali. • The difference was more political than moral and that the caliph should have stayed between the family (Ali-Fatima) but Abu Bakr a companion was chosen, ‘’more capable’’

  4. Ali ,Hassan, and Hussein • All through his governing period, Ali faced strong opposition. First he was opposed by Aisha, Muhammad's favorite wife, but the strongest opposition was raised by Mu'awiyya from the Ummayad family based in Syria. The assassinated Caliph, Uthman, had been the kinsman of Mu'awiyya, and he accused Ali for not having charged his murderers. In 658, Ali gave in to Mu'awiyya's criticism, and established an investigation committee. This compromise shocked many Muslims, and a group of them broke with Ali. This group soon came to be known as Kharijis, and when Ali was murdered in 661, this was probably the act of a member of the Khariji sect. Following the assassination of Ali a short period of disorder came, until the Caliphate was reorganized under the rule of Mu'awiya who established the Umayyad dynasty. Mu'awiya's rule brought many innovations to Islam and the old partisans of Ali formed the nucleus of the opposition. Yet, Ali's eldest son Hassan came to an accommodation with Mu'awiya, so there was still no division in Islam. When Hassan died, Ali's second son Husayn, became the leader of the opposition. Through his claim on the Caliphate, he made clear that there was a clear division between Ali's followers and the Umayyad Caliphs.

  5. Leaders-Historical Figures • Mohammed-the last prophet of Islam for both Sunni and Shia Islam. He was the ‘’messenger of god’’ and heard the angel Gabriel. • Ali-the cousin of Mohammed and was the fourth caliph. He is one of the memorable figures of the Shia body and the Shia body are mostly his followers…He dies on the 21st of Ramadan by being stricken with a poisonous sword in 661 AC by one of originally his own people… • Hussein-is the youngest son of Ali; he agreed to wait to be caliph, and was betrayed by Muawiyah and lost a battle that left the Shia to be dominated by Sunni…The Shia actually split during his reign….

  6. IMAMS OF TWELVER SHI'ISM • Ali 656-661 • Hassan 661-669 • Husayn 669-680 • Ali Zayn al-Abidin 680-712/3 • Muhammad al-Baqir 713-743 • Jafar as-Sadiq 743-765 • Musa al-Kazim 765-799 • Ali ar-Rida 765-818 • Muhammad at-Taqi 818-835 • Ali l-Hadi 835-868 • Hassan al-Askari 868-873 • Muhammad al Mahdi 873-?

  7. Beliefs • The Shia body still believe in the five pillars of Islam; Ramadan (fasting), pray 5 times a day, give to the poor, pilgrimage to Mecca, and the belief in one god. • Shia Islam also believe in other doings: struggling to please almighty, commanding what is just, forbidding what is evil Five Beliefs: • Adaalah(Justice): The Justice of God • Tawhid(Oneness): The Oneness of God • Nubuwwah: God has appointed prophets and messengers to give message • Imaamah (Leadership): Believe in twelve Imams • Qiyaamah (The Day of Judgment): After annihilation of the world, God will raise mankind for judgment

  8. Facts of Worship/Statistics • Shia Islam is the second largest branch of Islam • 10-15% of Muslims are Shia Islam • About 120 million people are believers of Shia Islam and are mainly concentrated in countries such as; Iran ,Iraq, and Azerbaijan • Worship in mosques, holy temple of Islam

  9. A person’s lifestyle and religion affects the environment around them. Shia Islam architecture is different than one of Hinduism. A mosque or a typical building in the countries of Iran and Iraq will appear different in France because of the cultural landscape. Cultural Landscape and Places

  10. Shia Islam Today The Shia Islam body today are the alleged war starters, but actually they are another segment/branch of Islam. There beliefs and actions are generally the same as other Islamic groups but differ in the background of purpose. They are recognized as a separate religion for there beliefs are different but still are Muslims.

  11. -The End-