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LPA Basic Project Development Training Britni Saunders LPA Training, Policy & Guidance, INDOT March 28, 2014

LPA Basic Project Development Training Britni Saunders LPA Training, Policy & Guidance, INDOT March 28, 2014. Getting Started- Guidance Document. What is it? INDOT’s guidance manual for local federal aid projects; aids in completion & understanding

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LPA Basic Project Development Training Britni Saunders LPA Training, Policy & Guidance, INDOT March 28, 2014

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  1. LPA Basic Project Development Training Britni Saunders LPA Training, Policy & Guidance, INDOT March 28, 2014

  2. Getting Started- Guidance Document • What is it? • INDOT’s guidance manual for local federal aid projects; aids in completion & understanding • Provides linkable resources to material throughout the document • Most links have needed to be updated due to IT changes, will be resolved in next update due shortly

  3. Getting Started- Guidance Document • What is it? • Provides information to help all parties involved • Ensures full understanding of the requirements of a federal aid project • Ensures compliance • ADVICE: Look it up before calling 

  4. Getting Started- Guidance Document • Where is it? • Last version posted on INDOT’s website in August 2013 • Scavenger hunt! Document posted on website at: http://www.in.gov/indot/files/LPA_GuidanceDocument_2013.pdf • Document formatting is being revised and information left out of August 2013 version is being added • In the future, documents will be reposted to INDOT site when changes are made • Most changes will come from an upcoming April meeting, should be able to post shortly after • Knowledge of revisions will come through GovDelivery

  5. Getting Started- Guidance Document • How do I use it? • Scavenger hunt activities! We will show you real examples throughout the presentation on how to reference it. • How is it currently formatted? • Critical Elements • Fatal Flaws • Documentable Proof

  6. Getting Started: Other Tools & Resources Jackie Schmitt Local Project Engineer, Vincennes, INDOT

  7. Other Tools & Resources • GovDelivery • What is it? • The world's leading free email subscription management system designed specifically for the public sector. It empowers organizations to provide citizens with better service and access to relevant information by proactively delivering new information through e-mail and wireless alerts.  • New communication system for INDOT LPA • Benefits • Consistency with majority of state government communication systems

  8. Roles & Responsibilities Britni Saunders LPA Training Program Director, INDOT & Brandi Fischvogt Local Project Manager, Seymour, INDOT

  9. Stakeholders

  10. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) • Responsible for ensuring adequate and proper delivery of federal-aid projects. • This responsibility is delegated to the State through legislation. • FHWA has the final say with regards to financial participation.

  11. Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) • Responsible for… • Providing technical assistance to the LPA • Ensuring all project elements comply with FHWA regulations • Ensuring federal funds are appropriately utilized for local projects in a timely manner • Maintaining the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

  12. INDOT Roles *Please reference the attached contact sheet to see who fills these rolls for your district. • Project Manager • Program Director • Real Estate Manager • Utilities Manager • Railroad Manager • Environmental Manager

  13. Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) • Responsible for transportation planning in their Urbanized Areas. • An MPO has multiple boundaries. • Urbanized Areas • Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) • Includes area anticipated to be urbanized in the next 20 years.

  14. MPO • Responsible for maintaining the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) • This is a 4 year planning document specific to an MPO • The TIP shows projects in that period with all funded phases in the year and amount of funds those will be obligated • TIP Phases are Preliminary Engineering (PE), Right of Way (ROW) and Construction (CN)

  15. Local Public Agency (LPA) • Responsible for.. • Timely Project Delivery • Financial Management • Following State and Federal guidelines • Must have a certified Employee in Responsible Charge (ERC) before applying for federal-aid funds for a project. • Point of Contact for LPA, acts as a Project Manager • Must have attended required training sessions

  16. ERC • A few key responsibilities of an ERC.. • Submit electronic project application • Ensures the INDOT-LPA Contract is executed • Submits Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for consultant selection to INDOT • Attends Quarterly Tracking Meetings • Submits Quarterly Reports prior to Tracking Meeting • Submits Invoice-Voucher forms for federal reimbursement

  17. Consultant • Responsible for.. • Abiding by the LPA-Consultant Contract. • Keeping the ERC informed on the project status. • Consulting Firm must be on INDOT’s Pre-Qualified Consultant list. • Consultant must have a Certified Project Manager prior to working on an active project.

  18. Project Development Process (PDP) Jackie Schmitt Local Project Engineer, Vincennes, INDOT

  19. Project Development Process • Process is designed to ensure federal and state regulations are followed • Watch video: “Project Delivery: A Process from Cradle to Grave” • http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/federal-aidessentials/catmod.cfm?id=3

  20. Project Development Process • Design/Plan Development • Preliminary Field Check • Environmental Document & Permits • Right-of-Way • Utility/RR Coordination • Final Tracings Submittal & Bid Letting • Construction & Construction Inspection

  21. PDP – Design & Field Checks • Pre-qualified consultant/engineer • Designer will follow current design standards or practical design concepts • Typically see plans developed in 30%, & 90% stages for LPA projects • Stage 1 & Stage 3 Submittals • Field Checks can be scheduled around 30% plan development • Opportunity for key team members to visit project site

  22. PDP – Environmental & Permits • An Environmental Document is required for any project using FWHA funds • Varying levels of detail and approval requirements based on project scope and impact • Preparation is completed by pre-qualified consultant • Permits may need to be acquired from other agencies

  23. PDP – Right-of-Way • Two distinct phases of ROW • ROW Engineering • ROW Services • Services performed to acquire property • Actual purchase costs • ROW can take as little a one month to complete to more than a year • Based on amount of parcels and acquisition challenges

  24. PDP – Right-of-Way • ROW Engineering • Title Search • Plat #1 • ROW Plans • Legal Descriptions and Parcel plats • APA’s (if completed without owner contact) • These activities can be completed with PE funding, under the NTP issued for preliminary engineering services

  25. PDP – Right-of-Way • ROW Services • APA’s (if performed with owner contact) • Appraisals • Buying • Relocation & Property compensation • Environmental Document must be completed before ROW Services can begin • A separate NTP must be issued for this work to begin!

  26. PDP - Utility & RR Coordination • Coordination is essential for success • Early coordination will help plan development and schedule • Some utilities may be “reimbursable” if your project requires the utility to relocate from their property/easement • Utility work plans and relocation plans are required for bid letting

  27. PDP – Final Tracings & Bid Letting • Final Tracings Submittal • Submitted by consultant to INDOT approx. 12-16 weeks before letting day • Includes all needed documents to prepare project for bid • PS&E Checklist completed by INDOT

  28. PDP – Final Tracings & Bid Letting • Bid Letting • Bids are opened on day of letting, apparent low-bid information posted on INDOT website • INDOT will ask for LPA concurrence on contract award • INDOT will issue an invoice to LPA based on verified low bid information and federal funding available • LPA needs to pay their match in timely fashion

  29. PDP - Project Wrap-up • After Construction • Pre-final will be scheduled to review project site and construction efforts • Final construction records will be sent to district for review • Contractor will be released • Project will undergo a final audit through INDOT/State audit procedures

  30. Being an ERC: Your First Steps Britni Saunders LPA Training Program Director, INDOT & Brandi Fischvogt Local Project Manager, Seymour, INDOT

  31. Your First Steps • ITAP • What is it? • How do I get started? • When will I use it? • Who do I go to for help? • Call for Projects Process • What is it? • When does it happen?

  32. Your First Steps • Early Coordination Meeting • What is it? • When does it happen? • Where is that at on the project delivery map? • What can I expect? • What do I prepare?

  33. Being an ERC: Your First Steps: Consultant Selection Jackie Schmitt Local Project Engineer, Vincennes, INDOT

  34. Consultant Selection • Consultant selection for a federal aid project • Federal-aid requirements • Fair selection through scoring process • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal determination • What are the steps in the selection process? • LPA Selection Toolkit: http://www.in.gov/dot/div/legal/rfp/LPARFP/LPAConsultantSelectionToolkit.pdf • LPA-Consultant Contract

  35. Consultant Selection • Request for Proposals • RFP describes the project, budget, and services needed from a consultant • LPA needs to request DBE goal through INDOT website to include in RFP • Template can be found on INDOT website • LPA must complete an RFP to be posted online to solicit consultant for services using federal funds • RFP is posted online for 4 weeks • Letters of Interest (LOIs) sent to LPA for review

  36. Consultant Selection • Selecting your consultant • Review LOIs and score using rating sheets • Past Performance scores can be provided • All RFP and scoring information will be reviewed by INDOT

  37. Consultant Selection • LPA-Consultant Contract • Negotiations • Do not hesitate to discuss the fee proposal • Boilerplate contract available on INDOT website • Send draft contract and supporting information to INDOT for review • After review, provide INDOT with a signed copy of the contract • Once received, INDOT may request federal funding (FMIS) for the phase of work • Notice to Proceed (NTP) will be issued after funding approval

  38. Consultant Selection • Consultant selection for a federal aid project- what is different? • Scavenger Hunt! Find the Consultant Selection Toolkit. • How do you use it? • What are the steps in the selection process? • Negotiating • Best practices • LPA-Consultant Contract • Who can help you?

  39. Being an ERC: Your First Steps: INDOT-LPA Contract Debbie Ault District Local Program Director, Seymour, INDOT

  40. INDOT-LPA Contract • What is it? • What does this contract really say? • What happens if I don’t do what the contract says? • Where does this happen in the project delivery process and why? • When can I start my project?

  41. Top 10 Keys to Success

  42. Top 10 Keys to Success • Be willing to ask for help and ask questions when you don’t understand. • Know your resources. • Be involved, be engaged! • Understand the ‘Critical Flaws’ of the project process. • Have a checkbook mentality.

  43. Top 10 Keys to Success • Be proactive! • Great time management= better results • Keep good records for final audits • Keep correspondence • Being informed

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