how to succeed in business without really trying n.
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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

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  1. By Georgia Clare Cooper-Stanbury How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

  2. I chose this poster because I really like the way they have done the suit. It’s not quite a silhouette, but it has the same idea to it. I then really like the way they have used colour and line to just show the outlines of the suit where needed. I would like to use a similar technique for the man in my poster. The idea of the ladder seems to be quite common in posters for this musical as it is a way of portraying the metaphorical ‘climb’ up the ‘ladder of success’. Another way they have portrayed the changing is with the window washing materials at the bottom of the ladder and the briefcase now in his hand, showing the transformation. This poster is successful in emphasizing the main title, but has no other information on it that is required of an informational poster like the ones we are creating. The contrasts of white on blue and black on blue, are really great ways of getting the image and the text to stand out. The way they have created unity in this poster is by incorporating the black onto the white paper for the title, and then adding white paper into the black image. They have used the space on this poster really well by making sure there are no big gaps but also not just adding ‘stuff’ to fill in they have really thought about their use of space and the balance of the entire image. Researching Posters and analysing

  3. I chose this poster, because as I was looking them up I noticed the effective use of the buildings in the background. This is one of the main themes that I have identified – New York City. This is a really great way on adding a background to this poster and adding the theme, but not making it take over. I was concerned in some of my previous sketches that I was not using any sort of proportion, and that nothing was really jumping off the paper, but the way they have done this is a really clever way of making Daniel Radcliffe stand out. Another technique that we can see is being used in this poster is repetition. The colour blue has been used really effectively in the background, the writing and the bowtie. This gives the poster unity in the way they have three different parts to it but the repetition of colour brings them all together. Other repeated colours are white and yellow. The difference between this poster and the poster on the previous slide is the information. This is a more realistic poster as is has a whole lot of necessary information. There is a lot of balance in this poster with the symmetry of Daniels face paired with the continued line of buildings and the solid block of text that spans the whole width, this also shows a great use of space in the poster. Researching Posters and analysing

  4. Stepping through the process.

  5. First was a brainstorm, after watching the film, of all the main themes and ideas. Then some small sketches and ideas about design techniques.

  6. First I outline the man in blue (Illustrator), then coloured him in black (Photoshop).

  7. Developing my ideas and further explaining my design techniques. Incorporating things that I saw in other successful posters.

  8. Then, I got the skyline of New York from a photo I took whilst I was there. Cut it out, coloured it mostly grey, and changed the opacity so it blended into the background. Then added it in with my man.

  9. I then drew in my Visual Dairy the letters I would be needing, scanned them in, cut them out and coloured them. Adding each letter as an individual layer into my picture.

  10. I then added in all the required text.

  11. Mock-up design #1

  12. Mock-up design #2

  13. Final Poster

  14. To Create this image I started off by doing a lot of fiddling around with colours, I decided that because this poster was intended mainly as an informational poster that the colours would have to be simple and straight forward, whilst still being eye catching. I decided that simplicity was best and went for the idea of outlining the parts of the poster I wanted to stand out most and sticking to basic greys, blacks, and whites for the rest. The main parts needed for this poster to work is a mix between something eye catching and creative but also including all the necessary information. I went off the template given to us in class about the sizing of the different parts of the text. A problem I encountered whilst creating the poster was fitting in all the information whilst avoiding overcrowding or overcomplicating it. I decided to create the visual feel of space that I would need to break up the poster. I have done this by using lots of different sizes of fonts and also creating the visual effect of space by creating one big block image to the right side and all the text on the left. I didn’t as successfully as I hoped I would incorporate themes of the musical. I dabbled with the theme of business, with the man in the suit, and the theme of ‘The City’ as in New York city by having an image I took faded in the background. An idea I played with was having the feel of this man, taking on the city. Having it small in the background and him, much larger standing on top, looking confident (use of dimension). I used repetition in the way I have used the solid black with the colour outline. Line, has been very successfully used, particularly with the man. The way that without the blue there would be no way to recognize the mans pose, or what he was wearing. But simple lines create the entire effect of the ‘confident man in the suit’. I have put all the text on one side and the image on the other to create a balanced poster. I used mainly Photoshop to create this image, although I also drew some parts (the title) in my visual art dairy and scanned it in. To do the outlining of the man I used adobe Illustrator and then copied it over to Photoshop. If I were to re-create the poster I think I would try to incorporate some more themes that are in the musical. I feel that one downside to the poster is that it does not relate to the themes a particular lot. I could maybe add in something to do with the theme ‘women’. Also I have not shown anything to do with window washing or the actual book.

  15. bibliography