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International Paint Ltd. Oil & Gas Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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International Paint Ltd. Oil & Gas Solutions

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International Paint Ltd. Oil & Gas Solutions
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International Paint Ltd. Oil & Gas Solutions

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  1. International Paint Ltd.Oil & Gas Solutions

  2. Agenda (2.5 hours) • International Paint Product Range • Structural Steel • Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) • Tank Linings • Concrete • Pipelines • Passive Fire Protection (PFP) • Summary

  3. International Paint The Oil & Gas Partner of Choice • International Paint supply all the major multinationals in the Oil & Gas Industry. • International Paint are named on the Shell, Exxon, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, Dow, Vopak global specifications to name but a few. • We work closely with the owners to provide technical support and ensure our products meet their needs through test work. • Our support ensures that the owners see the true value of using International Paint products. • On-site we can provide technical consultation on choice of paint for difficult maintenance jobs as well as Technical Support Representatives to attend application of the paint and train the applicator.

  4. International Paint – Supplying all your paint needs High Temperature Surfaces Corrosion Under Insulation Tank Externals Structural Steel Tank Internals OEM Concrete Fire Protection

  5. International Paint - Technology Leader • International Paint have various systems which utilise market leading technology to provide solutions to your most difficult corrosion issues: • Intertherm 751 CSA – unique, patented heat & corrosion resistance • Enviroline – High performance, thick film, rapid cure tank linings • Ceilcote – Resistant to the most highly aggressive chemical attack • Intercrete – Cementitious repair mortars and linings • Chartek – 100% volume solids passive fire protection

  6. Structural Steel

  7. Polyurethane Topcoat – 50µm Epoxy Intermediate – 100µm Zinc Rich Primer – 50µm Typical Paint Specification for Un-Insulated External Surfaces <120˚C Steel Substrate

  8. Zinc silicate technology • Rapid overcoating – within 4½ hours • Available with various zinc levels to fulfil International Standards requirements

  9. Zinc primers Often, specifications for zinc primers will be guided by the following industry standards, which set levels of zinc dust in the dried film: ASTM D520 – zinc dust should contain >94% zinc metal

  10. Micaceous Iron Oxide - MIO • MIO is a lamella type (flake like) form of iron oxide which is insoluble in water, organic solvents and alkalis • When incorporated into the coating dry film, its lamella type shape aligns itself parallel to the substrate providing a barrier of overlapping flakes • This barrier prevents the ingress of water, oxygen and ions and thus seriously slows down the corrosion of steel Dry Film MIO flakes Steel Substrate MIO Flakes

  11. Barrier Pigments – MIO - micaceous iron oxide Pigment STEEL SUBSTRATE Conventional “spherical” Barrier Pigmentation

  12. Role of a Top / Finish Coat • A high quality finish and vibrant colours are important for any structure . • The main function of finishes is to resist the damaging effects of the sun which is normally interpreted in coatings as ultraviolet (UV) resistance as well corrosion protection. • UV resistance is the ability of a finish coat to maintain its colour and gloss level over an extended period of time

  13. The Carbon-Carbon (C-C) bonds within traditional “organic” coatings are less resilient than those found in acrylic polysiloxanes Polysiloxane coatings are significantly more resilient to UV (sunlight) degradation which means much improved cosmetic properties over time in service Durability of Finishes

  14. Colour Stability – External Exposure

  15. Air separation unit - Germany New steelwork required a durable, corrosion resistant paint system to protect the steel and keep it looking good for many years. A 3 coat zinc based system was chosen from International Paint. The Interzinc 22 primer and Intergard 475HS intermediate give long-term corrosion resistance and the Interthane 990 topcoat provides a long-term cosmetically good finish.

  16. Refinery vessel externals Un-insulated vessel externals coated with Interseal 670 and Interthane 990

  17. Maintenance of Tank Externals In order to reduce the amount of dust created the previous coating on these tanks was removed by hydro blasting. Surface tolerant Interplus 356 was used to prime the hydro blasted steel followed by epoxy intermediate Interseal 670HS and a top coat of Interthane 990. The system was roller applied and cured at 0°C allowing application during the winter with no additional heating.

  18. Long lasting finish Vessels at a gas processing plant in the Netherlands coated with Interfine 878

  19. 2009 – Condensate Separator Container(PEMEX, Mexico) • Interzone 954 was applied while the condenser was operating and damp • The product had a hard drying time of 8 hours • There was no problem with runoff or condensation on the surface “Power Tool Cleaning” (SSPC- P3) Condensate Separator Vessel

  20. 2009 – Condensate Separator Container(PEMEX, Mexico) Application of Interzone 954 Application of Interzone 954 on 6” condensate pipe

  21. 2007 – Ettrick Sage Hot Tap Project(ExxonMobil, UK) Hot tap structure (500 ltrs ) - Surface prep: blast Sa2.5 or SSPC-SP6 - Full coat Interzone 954 (450m)

  22. 2003 – Valves (PEMEX, Mexico) (cont.) • Manually cleaned and washed with fresh water • Two coats of Interzone 954 applied with conventional spray equipment and a brush

  23. 2003 – Valves (PEMEX, Mexico) (cont.) Application of Interzone 954 grey Final appearance of Interzone 954 yellow

  24. High TemperatureCoatings

  25. High Heat Certain epoxy-phenolic binder systems are suitable for high temperatures up to the 230°C (446°F) limit, thereafter, alternative ‘inorganic’ binder systems need to be used *For some of these materials where improved corrosion protection is required, the Intertherm products can be applied directly over zinc rich primers (e.g. Interzinc 22)

  26. Durable finish for chimney stacks New chimney stack operating at this refinery required a high temperature resistant finish. Interzinc 22 was applied to the grit blasted surface in the workshop and once installed on site Intertherm 50, aluminium silicone was applied.

  27. Corrosion UnderInsulation

  28. Inorganic Zinc Silicate Coatings • Many engineers strictly follow the NACE RP0198 recommendations, & use IOZ for all high temperature service above 120°C. • BUT … NACE do not recommend the use of Zinc Silicates (or Galvanising) on Carbon Steel under warm, wet Insulation. CUI with IOZ Primer “.…Inorganic Zinc Coatings or Galvanising shall not be used under Thermal Insulation in the 50-150°C service temperature range for long term or cyclic service. Zinc provides inadequate resistance in closed, sometimes wet environments.…”

  29. Followed by 12 months C5M Rust Ri 5 Cracking Density 5; Size 3-5 Intertherm 50 – Cyclic heating to 400°C After heating to 3x400°C Visually the coating was in good condition

  30. Gas Processing Plant, Austria Gas processing plant in Austria. The gas driers are filled with SilicaGel to absorb moisture from the gas. Equipment cycles from ambient up to over 300˚C in order to drive moisture out of SilicaGel once it is saturated. Previous zinc silicate and aluminium silicone system had failed.

  31. CUI Coating Selection

  32. Interplus 256 – Preventing CUI Stripper columns were coated with Interplus 256 (aluminium) whilst in service. The surface temperature was 56°C and 3 coats of Interplus 256 were applied in quick succession to create a total dry film thickness of 150-200µm. After the coating had cured the insulation was replaced on the stripper columns

  33. Intertherm 228 – Case History Intertherm 228 was applied to the outside of this insulated vessel. The vessel had been suffering from Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

  34. Intertherm 751 - Product Properties • Two component • Ambient cure • High build - 1x200μm or 2x125μm • High temperature corrosion resistant coating - 400ºC • Resistant to temperature cycling • Based on Titanium Modified Inorganic Copolymer Technology • Pigmented with Aluminium Flake

  35. Temperature Cycle – Ambient to 300°C • Preparation - Garnet Blast Sa2 • Roller Application – 2 Coats • No Insulation • Aluminium Jacket with Perforations for Protection

  36. Cyclic Pipeline in C5M Environment Photographs from 1st inspection after 11 months. Inspected again after 28 months and was still in good condition.

  37. Following successful trial customer has specified Intertherm 751 CSA for all vessels and pipeline under insulation

  38. 260 Temperature °C 80 40 Time Propane Treater Unit - Australia

  39. Propane Treater Unit, Australia Application October 2005. Grit blast 2.5. Airless Spray Applied. 1x200µm. Total Area 200m².

  40. Propane Treater Unit, Australia Photographs during inspection after one year in service. Also passed second inspection in October 2007.

  41. Propane Treater Unit, Australia Further inspections have shown 7 years service with no signs of degradation 2008 2011

  42. Linings

  43. International Paint Linings Offer • International Paint have the largest linings range in the market • International paint linings can be use to protect the storage tanks, process vessels, equipment, pipe lines and secondary containment areas. • International Paint linings can protect both steel and concrete substrates from attack by a wide range of aggressive chemicals. • The International Paint Linings Offer includes epoxy, epoxy phenolic, epoxy novolac, vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester, polyurethane and polyurea/polyurethane hybrid technology.

  44. Interline • Interline is International Paint’s core linings offer • In the market since 1970s • Mostly epoxy based linings for general internal tank lining use • Widely specified by Oil & Gas Majors and global chemical producers • Range has numerous owner approvals and long track record of success. • Normally used to protect steel storage tanks

  45. Interline Product Highlights • Interline 850 Cost effective, new construction epoxy tank lining. Thin film to offer the lowest cost per square meter in terms of material cost. • Interline 984 Multi-purpose epoxy phenolic tank lining. Resistant up to 90°C in constant immersion. Suitable for immersion in hydrocarbons including biofuels. One of the few tank linings approved to EI 1541 making it suitable for EI/JIG Standard 1530 compliant jet fuel storage systems • Interline 984 Matcote Chopped strand reinforced lining system applied by automatic chopper gun and spray equipment. Applies reinforced lining system at faster rates than conventional hand lay systems.

  46. Interline Examples Diesel storage tank in South Africa. Lined with Interline 984 Jet Fuel Tank in Turkey. Lined with Interline 850 Brine tank in Malaysia. Internally lined with Interline 399

  47. Ceilcote • Ceilcote Company founded in 1926 • Acquired by International Paint in 2006 • Specialists in vinyl ester and novolac vinyl ester resins which can resist the most aggressive chemical environments • Leaders in the protection of Flue Gas De-Sulphurisation plants • Usually used to protect steel and concrete chemical storage tanks and secondary containment areas.

  48. Ceilcote Product Highlights • Ceilcote Mat Screed Systems Highly reinforced systems to give high strength and chemical resistance. These hand applied systems give long term chemical resistance, ideal for concrete tanks and secondary containment areas. • Ceilcote CeilLine Systems The flexible base layer in the CeilLine systems give crack bridging properties which means that if the concrete moves and cracks after application of the system the topcoat will remain intact and not crack. • Ceilcote 282HB Widely specified in Flue Gas De-Sulphurisation equipment – Ceilcote 282 has excellent high temperature resistance and this high build version can be applied to the correct thickness in 2 coats instead of 3.

  49. Ceilcote Examples Crystallisers in Jordan. Internally lined with Ceilcote 180 Secondary Containment Area in Turkey. Lined with Ceilcote 232 Mat Screed Flue Gas De-Sulphurisation Unit in Austria Lined with Ceilcote 282