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Grade 12 Intro

Seaquam Secondary. Grade 12 Intro. 2017 -2018. BC Graduation Requirements…. Language Arts 10 4 Credits Language Arts 11 (English or Communications) 4 Credits Language Arts 12 (English or Communications) 4 Credits. ENGLISH. SOCIAL STUDIES. Social Studies 10 4 Credits

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Grade 12 Intro

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  1. Seaquam Secondary Grade 12 Intro 2017 -2018

  2. BC Graduation Requirements… Language Arts 10 4 Credits Language Arts 11 (English or Communications) 4 Credits Language Arts 12 (English or Communications) 4 Credits ENGLISH SOCIAL STUDIES Social Studies 10 4 Credits Social Studies 11 or Civics 11 4 Credits SCIENCE Science 10 4 Credits A Science 11 or 12 4 Credits MATH Math 10 4 Credits Math 11or 12 4 Credits P.E. Physical Education 10 4 Credits Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 4 Credits F.A. & A.S. Planning 10 4 Credits Graduation Transitions 12 4 Credits OTHER ELECTIVES Elective Courses (3 courses/12 credits must be Gr. 12, ) 28 Credits *YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK* Min. 80 Credits

  3. Graduation Requirements… • Volunteer or Work Hours - 30 Hours • Physical Activity Hours - Proof of 150 minutes (2 ½ hrs.) per week Graduation Transitions 12: booklet and interview.

  4. General Notes Post secondary applications open now ENGLISH 12 – LPI EXAM Scholarships – Date January Grad Trans- Must complete in order to graduate UBC- Personal Profile Student Loans

  5. Online courses • AIM to complete by Jan.30 if student wishes to use their Distributed Learning course in the calculation of their competitive admission average • Distributed learning courses completed by June 30 can be used to meet pre-requisites

  6. Thinking of applying to the US? • Admission to US schools is based not only on academics, but also extracurricular activities and SAT results. As such, unlike Canadian universities, there is no set average for admission. • Be sure to write an SAT this year or next. See collegeboard.org- Some schools will waive SAT • You can apply to multiple schools with one application: see commonapp.org • Common App must be completed by NOV.30

  7. Post Secondary Studies In order to choose the best institution to attend for your post secondary studies, you will want to conduct your own research. • Initial research online is an effective way to learn current information about each individual school and it’s campuses. • Students should research all colleges or universities of interest in order to make an educated decision. • *Note: General admission requirements are considered in order to be accepted into the institution itself. There are likely further requirements for individual programs that must be researched, and met as well.

  8. Entrance to College, Tech Institutes, and University-Colleges Check School website for Information Days. Aim to complete all post-secondary applications by Dec.30 2017

  9. StudentTranscripts Service (STS) is an online application for students to view their school marks, scholarships and transcript, and send transcripts electronically. Get Started To register for STS students will need: • Personal Education Number (PEN) • Full legal name • Date of birth • Email address

  10. 1)Go to the Ministry of Education’s Transcripts and Certificate website at http://www.StudentTranscripts.gov.bc.ca. 2) Students must register for a BC Government account, a BCeID. Follow the system prompts and register for STS. Finally log-in to StudentTranscripts Service using the BCeID. 3) From a student’s STS Dashboard make post-secondary institution selections, view transcript, view assessment results, and send transcripts immediately.

  11. Applying to BC public universities and colleges also just got easier! Students can do it all: search, plan and apply on EducationPlannerBC.ca. • About Education Planner: • Education Planner provides access to information on more than 1600 undergraduate programs at post-secondary institutions throughout BC. • Education Planner is endorsed by the post-secondary institutions of BC, managed by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer, and funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education

  12. ApplyBC Students can apply to BC universities and colleges through ApplyBC.caOntario and Eastern Post-Secondary SchoolsThe application to the Ontario Post-Secondary Institutes is available at OUAC  It is the 105D form.  Apply by mid January if possible. The application fee is very expensive so do your research and know where you want to go.

  13. Applybc.ca • www.applybc.ca • APPLYBC is the online application service to almost every post secondary institution in BC . • Once you have applied on line, you will receive instant notification your application has been received by the intended school • You will receive a student number – don’t lose it! • You can apply to multiple post secondary institutions at the same time • You will need to select a faculty and a back up faculty in case you do not meet the grade point average for admission • You will need a credit card to pay the application fee which can cost $40+ • Supplemental applications have additional fees • www.ouac.on.ca/ouac-105 • For students applying to Ontario schools ($155 application fee covers 3 universities/programs choices, additional $50 per extra program) • Documentation Evaluation fee/Supplemental applications have additional fees ($50-$170 – some exemptions) • New: Video essays • www.applyalberta.ca/pub/index.asp • For students applying to Alberta schools

  14. Night School @ Delview • For students aged 18+ • Many core courses offered – based on numbers Sept-Jan or Feb-June • Mondays / Wednesdays • Tuesdays / Thursdays • No electives

  15. Resources Counsellor –H. Lalli - hlalli@deltasd.bc.ca N.Brealey- nbrealey@deltasd.bc.ca Career Planning : Miss. J. Gehiere –AKA: MISS G (career advisor) jgehiere@deltasd.bc.ca Programs Career Programs Miss A. Deol(adeol@deltasd.bc.ca) New Graduation Program • www.bced.gov.bc.ca/graduation/

  16. Resources • There are also “one-stop websites” that will help to put all information at your finger tips with links to every post secondary institution across Canada. Seaquam is registered to and highly recommends accessing an easy to navigate website called Career Cruising. • http://www.careercruising.com/ • username: seaquam • password: careers

  17. Resources http://www.bctransferguide.ca/ • What is transfer? • It’s when one institution gives you credit for courses or programs completed at another. • About a third of all new university students from BC are transfer students.

  18. Scholarships • studentawards.com (also see Career Centre website) • Individual Post Secondary Institutions list their ‘in house’ opportunities on their websites • Transcripts will be sent automatically to the schools selected in during a Grad Transitions Session in Feb. of the grade 12 year (BC schools and some Ontario schools) • Ministry of Education: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/awards/

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