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w. e. r. e. h. do. we. go. from. here?. solidarity. sist er hood. c o n c l u s i o n o f w o m e n. w h a t i s t h e r a d i c a l. a n e w w a v

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  1. w e r e h do we go from here?

  2. solidarity sist er hood c o n c l u s i o n o f w o m e n w h a t i s t h e r a d i c a l a n e w w a v e u p r o o t i n g t h e s u b s t r a t u m inventing existence?

  3. sistersunderground is a new radical women’s writing project which writes from the belief that radical feminism is the most important philosophy of our time and that radical feminism is the only envisioning of a future without male supremacy and all its inherent flaws

  4. sistersunderground believes in the wired revolution of the information age We believe in the underground, in the underbelly, in the informal networks of women’s gatherings We believe in the radical possibility of a radical political movement right now.

  5. P O S T S A S:


  7. P A I N T I N G S

  8. in P e r s p e c t i v e Exercises

  9. socially- structured and constructed blueprints

  10. c o l l a b o r a t i v e m a p p i n g p r o j e c t s

  11. Radical Math Tabulations *spreadsheets calculating costs of misogyny * charts comparing life before feminism and after *liberationist- financial- planning

  12. the sistersunderground collective of women will engage in intensive, voluntary, radical gatherings online

  13. These will include: weekly consciousness raising groups via Skype collaborative art presentations (videos, audio recordings, poetry, flash fiction, etc) ongoinginterviews with the radical women’s community workshops to promote self-sufficiency: food, healing, love, home, sex, friendship calls for help within community suggestions for improving our collective

  14. sistersunderground is a constructive, subversive collective “…In our society, we're taught the metaphorical concept ARGUMENT IS WAR.  Consequently, when we talk about arguments, we say things like, "I tried to defend my position but she outflanked me,"  "I really shot down her objections," "her arguments were right on target."  No wonder we feel so good when we win arguments and so bad when we lose them.  Our thought patterns mold our behaviors so that our arguments are "dangerous,“ "threatening," and "risky" for us.  Suppose, instead, that we came up with new ways of thinking about arguments, ways that helped us learn less painful and destructive ways of behaving during arguments.  How about ARGUING IS A SCAVENGER HUNT, ARGUMENT IS QUILTING, ARGUING IS WORKING A PUZZLE, ARGUMENT IS DANCING, or ARGUMENT IS SURFING?  If we don't teach ourselves new ways to argue with each other, the alternative is to learn to agree with whatever another womon says, regardless of what we really think.” Julia Penelope and as such, we do not believe in the militarization of disagreement

  15. Our goals are simple. Our ambitions proportionate. Abolish: prostitution pornography domestic servitude class systems submission and dominance gender beauty standards violence Reestablish love economic structures healing practices language autonomy familial ecology radical strength environment

  16. sistersunderground invites you to take part in organizing radicalism below the surface for the express purposes of bringing it above ground won’t you join us?

  17. Audio Featuring: Ubaka Hill Psalm One Andrea Dworkin Lovers Missy Elliott Imogen Heap Krudas Cubensi Portishead Dinah Washington Ani DiFranco Little Dragon Jill Scott This presentation was brought to you by: sistersunderground.org

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