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From. To. Circle of Health International, The Next Generation. Presentation by Leilani Johnson for BOD Retreat, July 2009. The new Exec. Dir.’s views and dreams for and of COHI*.

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  1. From To Circle of Health International, The Next Generation Presentation by Leilani Johnson for BOD Retreat, July 2009

  2. The new Exec. Dir.’s views and dreams for and of COHI* *We’ll see how COHI developed and how each project is working through other presentations, so I’d like to share with you all how I see COHI moving, growing and developing this year.

  3. Overview I • Fundraising • Individual donations • Grants • Other ideas • COHI’s Locations: • Israel/Palestine • Nicaragua • Tanzania • Sudan

  4. Overview II • Projects: • COHI Delivers • COHI Online • BOD Roles • COHI Needs

  5. Fundraising • Individual donations • Fundraisers • Campaigns. Why? They work. • TZ for Talia’s psychodrama workshop • TZ for Robin Talley’s dream of a birthing center • Grants- Jacque’s presentation • Grant database • Other ideas • Sponsor a midwife

  6. Location: Israel & Palestine • Want to get US citizens that are Israeli and Palestinian supporters to both work on this project together • Need transporters to help with Ultrasound machine for Gaza and other donated items • Push for more meetings/group activities • Future partnership with MADRE for materials and resources (already have given $3 K and condoms/lube) • Publishing of photo book by Jessica Alderman

  7. Location: Nicaragua • $60 a month for housing • Could use as a site for COHI Delivers • Could sell items on COHI Bazaar as a microenterprise option for the home • Yale already has a program in Nicaragua and COHI is currently looking into how they have set theirs up

  8. Location: Tanzania • Psychodrama program focusing on GBV and other women’s health issues to be done this summer and possibly also again in January • Robin Talley to work on fundraising for the building of the birthing clinic via selling of knitted items • With Mindy’s donation, we have secured funds for the purchase and surveying of the land • Last year’s retreat decided to be equal partners with FLEMAFA (due to finances) yet this year we’ll be fundraising for them especially for the building of the birthing center

  9. Location: Sudan • Due to Erica’s move from Sudan to Kosovo or Pakistan or Liberia we must stop the COHI program in Sudan due to lack of ties in the area and our inability to become fully registered in Sudan • Close up of program and let COHI supporters know of the closing • What to do with the funds? Let’s decide on a proposal to send to the BOD via email for approval during retreat

  10. Projects – COHI DeliversWe still need to: • Develop project sites • Develop protocols • Develop educational materials that will go along with this program • Advertise and get students!!

  11. Projects – COHI Online • E-newsletters • Contacts from BOD members • How to get more (appropriate) contacts • www.cohintl.org web presence change • Other websites to join? • Facebook Causes group • Twitter

  12. BOD Roles • Participation and breaks from duty • Monetary donations • Advisors for sub-projects • Review/Amend Articles of Organization • Increase contacts • Prospective BOD members • Thank you letters:

  13. COHI Needs – the hodgepodge of needs • Tax Accountant • Pro-bono lawyer for infrequent questions • Publishing in peer reviewed journals as well as our usual features in magazines like Midwifery Today • Contacts such as other NGOs that are thriving – let’s learn how they function in this economy

  14. COHI Needs II • VDay excitement and interest. Would like to have a VDay event in each city/town where a BOD resides • More visibility in the IH, WH, MCH worlds • Finally: • What do we need to do as an NGO? • What do you need me to do as Exec. Dir.?

  15. Mahaloand Aloha,Lei

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