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About Us

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About Us

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  1. We introduce ourselves as one of the leading outdoor advertising concessionaire in West Bengal. We are 30 years young in this business We provide complete outdoor advertising solution. We are the fastest growing company in this industry. We have a team of dedicated young people having thorough experience in outdoor advertising of minimum 6 years each. About Us

  2. Billboards: Front lit, Back lit , Non lit, floating & Trivision Back lit & front lit Passenger Bus Shelters Mid-pole-kiosks Mobile Ad Van Hydraulic Truck Advertising Gantries Shopping Mall Advertising Entertainment Park Advertising LED wall Advertising Outdoor Media Vehicles Owned By Us

  3. Outdoor Media Vehicle Locations • Billboards at major junctions, important avenues and beside flyovers or bridges. District hoardings are on major highway junctions, market places or railway stations throughout West Bengal. • Mostly Ground and eye level sites for better impact and visibility with sizes ranging from 200 square feet to 3000 square feet. • Passenger shelters at Central Business District, South, North Kolkata and all of Salt Lake City. • Mid pole kiosks for better mileage and visibility on Eastern Metropolitan By Pass area, VIP Road and all of Salt Lake. • Our Mobile ad van is one of its kind and can ply throughout the city. It can be used for city as well us district level advertising.

  4. We do scientific planning for our clients. With brief from our client on budget factors and target market we plan on outdoor advertising for them. We do thorough research on Reach that is achievable from our plan and based on that site selection is done. We have basis of planning for each individual industry for example Insurance, Banking, Finance, Consumer Durables etc. Scientific Planning

  5. Competitive Tracking Report We maintain competitive outdoor spent of all clients across all industries regarding outdoor advertising happening in Kolkata. This helps out clients to measure the advertising strengths or weaknesses of their competitors.

  6. Our Clientele

  7. We look forward to cater you in all your outdoor activities. Thank you But, let this be the beginning of our services.