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Himachal Pradesh Wedding

Shadi or Marriages are very important ceremony in Himachal Pradesh. Elders being to look a perfect match <br>for their child. The final decision is taken on the basis of the horoscopes matches in the same gotra are not considered <br>very good match in himachal pradesh.<br>When the good match found and settled, a ritual gift called tika is send to groom and his family members are invited for <br>tea by bride's family. In the tribal area both family's exchange rice wine and close relatives are invited to participate <br>in the ceremony. In kinnaur this system is knows as chharmi nata, else where it is known as sending the tihar. The date of<br> marriage is fixed with consultation with the pandit. The preparation for the marriage are to kept a secret from the bride.<br> In kinnaur as the wedding party approaches the house the bride and her friends begin to wail and weep.<br> Wedding customs are differ place to place in himachal. The <br>bride and groom are taken in palanquins expect from the lahaul area. The girl is requested to touch her father's feet at <br>the time of departure. People in kinnaur follows a matriarchal system where all the brothers a wife and if there are more <br>than six brothers then another may be brought in. All the brother are looked upon as common father to the children. The <br>eldest is knows as teg bawal and the younger as gota bawal.<br> A maid accompanies the bride temporarily from her father's <br>house to help her settle down in the midst of her new family. In Lahaul when the groom departs with the bride the friends <br>of bride block his way till the groom promises them that he will take good care of their dear and sweet friend. The day <br>when the bride enters the new home, a heaven is performed as per the guidance of pandit. Then bride is asked to cook kheer <br>(made with rice and milk) which is served to all the gathering by relatives. who in turn bless her. At feroni ( ritual of <br>returning of bride after her first visit from father, know as dwiragaman ) the bride and groom are welcome with great joy <br>and fed with sweets and butter.<br> There are many more different marriage ceremonies associated <br>with the welcome of new bride in family in Himachal Pradesh. The first person to get is itself groom who return gives bride<br>, jewellery or money. The ritual is accompanied by songs sung at this time bu women sitting around bride.<br> Pair bandal is the custom which helps to introduce the bride <br>to husband's family and the bride offers relatives with a gift of money, covering her hands with the edge of saree, <br>touching their feet to get the blessings.

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Himachal Pradesh Wedding

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