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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh. Rainfall Pattern Kharif 2012. Source: IMD, Shimla. District-wise Rainfall Pattern (1 st June to 19 th September, 2012). Normal- 6 Districts, Excess- 2 Districts, Deficient- 3 District , Scanty– 1 District. Source: IMD, Shimla. Normal Area, Production and Yield.

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Himachal Pradesh

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  1. Himachal Pradesh

  2. Rainfall Pattern Kharif 2012 Source: IMD, Shimla

  3. District-wise Rainfall Pattern (1st June to 19th September, 2012) Normal- 6 Districts, Excess- 2 Districts, Deficient- 3 District,Scanty– 1 District Source: IMD, Shimla

  4. Normal Area, Production and Yield (Oilseed Crops) Kharif :

  5. Oilseeds (Area, Prod. and Yield) 2011-2012

  6. Pulses (Area, Prod. and Yield) 2011-2012

  7. Area, Production and Yield (Oilseed/ Pulses Crops) Kharif 2012: * Anticipated Production and Yield

  8. Rabi 2012-2013: * Proposed Targets

  9. Seeds Availability for Rabi 2012-2013 (in qtls.) Foundation Seed: Certified/ Quality Seed:

  10. Pesticides  Seed of zone-wise recommended varieties of wheat will be distributed to the farmers susceptible varieties have been phased-out.  Pamphlets brought out by SAU on management of yellow rust will be distributed to wheat growers.  District Level Team comprising of DOA and University experts will be monitoring the wheat crop regularly in Rabi 2012-2013.

  11. A team comprising of one member each from ATMA (DOA), one Breeder and one Pathologist of the Agri. Univ., Palampur will survey the yellow rust with respect to the status of varieties for resistance. The KVK’s/ Research Stations of the University in Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur is requested for surveying the alternate host of rust and its spread during summer. The DOA and University in its KVK’s/ Res. Farms/ SMF has planted all the varieties in small plots recommended for that zone. The Department will organize training camps demonstration on management of yellow rust.

  12. For the management of Yellow rust disease effectively in the state, funds to the tune of Rs.70 lakh has been allocated under RastriyaKrishiVikasYojana (RKVY). The programmes of work is as under;

  13. Under 100% Seed Treatment campaign Rs.90 lakh has been allocated under RastriyaKrishiVikasYojana (RKVY). The programmes of work is as under;

  14. Fertilizer Kharif2012 (Availability): (in M.T.) *NFL is not ensuring Urea supply from Nangal Unit to the State.

  15. Rabi 2012-2013:(in M.T.)

  16. Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) 2011-2012 NPK Ratio Achieved  4: 1.3 :1

  17. Critical Identified Production and Protection Technologies to be Adopted in Rabi 2012-2013 for Oilseeds  HYV will be popularized.  Rhizobium culture treatment of seed will be popularized.  Balanced use of fertilizers.  Timely plant protection measures will be adopted.

  18. Varietal Mapping for Rapeseeds and Mustard

  19. Strategy for Enhancing Cost Benefit Ratio in Oilseeds for making Oilseeds Crops Profitable To enhance cost benefit ratio in oilseeds, efforts shall be made to reduce cost of cultivation and increasing productivity.

  20. Issue Experienced in Procurement and Marketing of Oilseeds Pulses and Oilseeds are being grown in the marginal lands under rainfed conditions in the State. The farmers are cultivating the pulses and oilseed crops for home consumption. Hence there is no surplus in the State.

  21. Steps taken for reduction in Cost of Cultivation of Oilseeds Steps have been taken to popularize promising high yielding varieties recommended by the SAU, to replace traditional varieties, application of fertilizers on soil test basis and efficient management of Oilseed crops.

  22. Impact of Deficient/ Excess Rains on Kharif and Prospects for Rabi Oilseeds In Himachal Pradesh, though monsoons have come very late, the total monsoon rainfall was adequate however, protracted and rains were continuing at the end of September. As oilseeds are grown under rainfed condition, the moisture of monsoon will be utilised for sowing of oilseeds during Rabi 2012-2013.

  23. Strategy for Increasing area under Oilseeds Land is becoming a scarce as cultivated area is declining. Therefore, chances are remote to increase area in Himachal Pradesh. However, efforts are being made to grow oilseed crops are mixed crops, catch crops in the State.

  24. Innovative Technology to be taken at Farmers field in Rabi 2012-2013 • The following innovating technology shall be undertaken; • Demonstration on Seed Treatment of Oilseed • Training programmes on oilseed production • Fertilizer application on soil test basis • Rhizobium culture treatment of seed will be promoted

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