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Airfinch-Airbnb clone PowerPoint Presentation
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Airfinch-Airbnb clone

Airfinch-Airbnb clone

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Airfinch-Airbnb clone

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Magnificent clone of Airbnb

  2. Aspiring venturing into eCommerce with a new business model of Online Accommodations and vacation rental booking…!! Here we go with its modules and features to know more about the business prototype..

  3. Features for the Host&User Features for the Admin

  4. Check out how the Online space rental prototype works...

  5. Instant booking/Request booking : Through instant booking users can book on their stays directly without the host’s approval. In request booking user need to get approved from the host on his/her’s booking on the accommodations. Precise search bar: Guests can search for their unique stays with filters on the price range,amenities along with the check-in and check-out dates with the number persons to be accommodated.

  6. Social media login & Alert / Notifications: Users can sign-up/sign-in through social networks to access AirFinch quicker to explore its feature. Users and host can get alerted over their actions or to notify on listings. Users can manage the notifications priorities. Messages and notifications: Guest and host can communicate on inquiries with the accommodations. Notifications to manage the alerts guest receives.

  7. Verified users & Paypal transaction: Users profile can be verified through their email ids. With the verified user info it creates a trust factor on the guest and hosts to rent and get accommodated. Paypal and adaptive paypal method for the admin to pick the easy mode of commission and fund transaction between the seller. Wishlist & Earn programmes: Users and host can add their favourite stays to wish list for later retrieval. Manage your wishlist from the user profile. Host can earn from the list of earning programmes. Just by adding your list/ space for rental host can get revenue.

  8. Find out more about the AirFinch script demo at