free viewpoint immersive networked experience n.
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Free-viewpoint Immersive Networked Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Free-viewpoint Immersive Networked Experience

Free-viewpoint Immersive Networked Experience

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Free-viewpoint Immersive Networked Experience

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  1. Free-viewpoint Immersive Networked Experience February 2010

  2. FINE Consortium

  3. Abstract Freeviewpoint Immersive Networked Experience, FINEwill be focussed on: Researching and developing a novel end-to-end architecture for the creation and delivery of a new form of live media content. FINE will introduce the concept of live free-viewpoint content which will provide rich and compelling immersive experiences The 3D reconstruction of the action will open a lot of new possibilities for content creation based on live events that will be exploited on several platforms: Internet, broadcast TV, interactiveTV, mobile, online video games and digital cinema.

  4. Research areas • Four main research areas: • Fast (real-time) and highly accurate algorithms for smooth view interpolation and photorealistic 3D reconstruction of live events from multiple, high quality live video streams. • Real-time tracking and marker-less motion capture of multiple characters. • New coding and transmission technologies to allow the synchronized delivery of geometry, imagery and metadata to a wide variety of end-users through New Generation Networks.. • Integration of the developed free-viewpoint technologies in a networked end-to-end architecture, and their validation in experimental productions.

  5. Scientific and Technical Objectives O1 - To develop robust and accurate methods for capturing calibrated and synchronized multi-viewpoint video. O2 - To generate free-viewpoint video representation of a 3D scene at real-time performance from the captured data. O3 - To develop robust marker-less motion capture techniques to generate accurate multiple character 3D animation streams from video/film sources. O4 - To create efficient free-viewpoint video coding algorithms suitable for real-time delivery and define strategies and specifications for next generation networks O5 - To develop image-based algorithms for photorealistic rendering of 3D characters synchronised with live-action video feeds O6 - To develop a new user centred and multi platform framework to integrate and exploit free-viewpoint technologies in experimental productions

  6. Work Packages

  7. Mediapro Research Joan Bennassar