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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle. because it’s good for you…. What is the "healthy lifestyle" exactly?. Food Sport Water Air Relaxation. Food. The traditional H ungarian foods are full of meat and grease , but we don’t eat enough vegetables.

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Healthy Lifestyle

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  1. Healthy Lifestyle because it’s good for you…

  2. What is the "healthy lifestyle" exactly? • Food • Sport • Water • Air • Relaxation

  3. Food • The traditional Hungarian foods are full of meat and grease, but we don’t eat enough vegetables. • The WHO recommends the vegetarian lifestyle: You shouldn't eat meat but you should eat some vegetables, fruits, eggs, and dairy products. • Don’t forget: „You are what you eat.”

  4. Sport • The modern people are very lazy. • It has a lot of wrong results, for example: Obesity, hypertension, diabetes. • Your body needs a little sport: Every day walk minimum one hour, or run some kilometers.

  5. Water • You have to drink 1,5-2 liters water/day! It’s very important. • Researches show that the average person drinks half liter/day. It's not enough! • The water safe your health, so drink every day 6 glasses of water.

  6. Air • Your organization require the fresh air every day. • It's ensure your fresh mental and physical state. • Three times every day, calm down and breathe for 1-2 minutes.

  7. Relaxation • You usually think: "I don't relax so I save a lot of time. How clever I am..." No, You aren't, because your organization needs to relax! • You have to relax 6-8 hours a day. • Sleeping is the most effective before midnight, so you should go to your bed around 10 pm. • When your brain is fresh, then it's much faster!

  8. Do it and save your health! Thank you for your attention!

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