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Login Instructions

Login Instructions

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Login Instructions

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  1. Login Instructions • Windows Login • User name=Student ID • Password (case sensitive) = • Upper case letter • Lower case letter • Five numerals • One symbol (use the shift key) • ZenWorks Login • CANCEL

  2. Directions • Locate criticism on your work using the Pathfinder • Open tutorials and databases in New Tabs • Library Online Catalog • Gale Literary Index • PVHS Databases • POWER Library Databases • Work through each tutorial and database at your own pace • Complete Search History • Email articles to yourself if time allows

  3. Open Internet Explorer

  4. Scroll down to the Pathfinders

  5. Right click to the open the Literature Criticism Research Pathfinderin a New Tab

  6. Click 2. Online Catalog

  7. Open the Online Catalog Tutorial in a new tab.

  8. Click on the Docushare tab to view the tutorial

  9. Read through the slides for tips for finding literary criticism

  10. Printing a Resource List from the Online Catalog

  11. Click the PVHS Library tab for the online catalog

  12. Log in

  13. Click on the Info tab to check your account

  14. Remember to renew your book(s) before they are due!

  15. Click on Resource Lists

  16. Click Add List

  17. Name your list with your First Name Last Name Lit Crit

  18. Add description

  19. Click SAVE

  20. Click Catalog to begin adding resources to your list.

  21. Make sure you are in Power Search

  22. Demo

  23. Construct a keyword search combining your author’s name, title, and the truncated keyword crit*

  24. Truncation Truncation found the root word with all possible endings. • Identify root or base spelling of a word • Place an asterisk * at the end of the root • Searches for all forms of the word • e.g. crit* Critical Critically Criticism Criticisms Critique Critic Broadens the Search

  25. Click Add Page to Selected List

  26. Clip board icon indicates that the title is in your list

  27. You may also view the details to determine if the book is appropriate

  28. This book is a collection of critical essays

  29. Not enough results for your title? • Try searching for criticism on your author in general • Once you find a book on the shelf, you will then need to use the index of the book to locate specific information on your title.

  30. Refine your search

  31. Remove title

  32. This search retrieved 21 hits

  33. Scroll through the list to see if there are any sources to add to your list

  34. Notice the icon for e-books

  35. You may also link to the detailed record screen

  36. And add to list from this view

  37. Click In This List to see your list

  38. To print your completed list click In This List link from the results list or detailed record screen

  39. I am now in the list Unwanted items may be removed

  40. To print your list, click Printable

  41. The reformatted list opens in a new window

  42. Back Forward Save Background As Set as Background Copy Background Select All Paste Create Shortcut Add to Favorites… View Source Encoding Print… Print Preview… Refresh Export to Microsoft Excel Properties Right-click to print preview

  43. Your name is in the upper left-hand corner Your list should be 1-2 pages

  44. Click the printer icon

  45. Your list will be saved in your account until you delete it.

  46. You may also make a list of web sites

  47. 1. Search for your title, author and crit* as a keyword Remember to try ALL searches! 2. If more sources are needed search for your author with crit* 3. If all else fails, just search for your author using the first and last name!