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Activity 8

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Activity 8

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  1. Activity 8 Carbon Cycle

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  3. With your partner, look at your food web from Activity 7. • How would you describe the flow of carbon from the giant kelp to the sea urchin? • Where do the carbon-containing molecules in the giant kelp come from? Go to?

  4. Read the introduction. • How is a food web related to the carbon cycle?

  5. Challenge • How does human activity affect the movement of carbon through the carbon cycle?

  6. Before you begin the simulation, examine the two figures in the Activity. What differences do you notice between the pre- and post-industrial scenes?

  7. What were the major differences between the pre- and post-industrial carbon cycles?

  8. Pre-industrial Carbon Cycle

  9. Post-industrial Carbon Cycle

  10. Revisit the Challenge • How does human activity affect the movement of carbon through the carbon cycle?

  11. Key Vocabulary • carbon cycle • carbon reservoir • cellular respiration • organisms • photosynthesis