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Lake Como Elementary School Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers Needed. Lake Como Elementary School Volunteer Orientation. Capture the Spirit of Volunteering! Mrs. Sharia Clinkscales (Guidance Counselor). School Information. Lake Como Elementary School 901 S. Bumby Avenue Orlando, FL, 32757 PH #- 407-897-6430

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Lake Como Elementary School Volunteer Orientation

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  1. Volunteers Needed Lake Como Elementary SchoolVolunteer Orientation Capture the Spirit of Volunteering! Mrs. Sharia Clinkscales (Guidance Counselor)

  2. School Information Lake Como Elementary School 901 S. Bumby Avenue Orlando, FL, 32757 PH #- 407-897-6430 Fax #- 407-897-2409 PH # - 407-897-6430 ext 3472225

  3. How do I begin? • Complete and submit a district application via the following website: volunteer.ocps.net • Sign up for activities that interest you • Wait to be contacted by the school or work location coordinator. If you are not contacted within a couple of weeks, then call the school/work location for information on volunteer opportunities.

  4. Please Remember: • Always sign in at the office when you arrive and sign out when you leave. • Wear your name tag for identification purposes. • Call the school if you are unable to work at your specified time.

  5. HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS • Please do not come to school if you are ill (this includes a cold, sore throat, or cough). It is important to prevent the spreading of germs in a classroom situation. • You may feel that you are leaving the teacher short-handed and may want to come in even though you are not well. This is not good for you, the children, or the teacher. • Please let the school know ahead of time that you are not able to come in, and be certain you are completely over your illness before you return.

  6. SAFETY • Do not allow a child to use a paper cutter or adult scissors • Know emergency procedures and exits. Follow the established emergency plan. • Learn the proper use of all needed school equipment. • Never leave a child alone. • Never allow a child to leave school without checking out through the main office. • If you have doubts about a situation, ask someone with authority. • If an accident occurs, immediately inform a staff member. • Never move a child involved in an accident. A member of the school staff will initiate proper procedures for accidents.

  7. Volunteers Shall Not: • Assume responsibility for the supervision of a class in the absence of a teacher. • Assume the responsibility for the discipline of pupils. • Make decisions regarding the relevancy of activities or procedures. • Contact parents regarding student performance or write letters home.

  8. Responsibilities of Volunteers • Dependability • Confidentiality • Communication • Follow School Procedures and Policy • Patience • Flexibility • Consistency • Friendly

  9. Dress Code NO clothing which advertises alcohol, contains obscenities, or suggestive logos. NO garments which expose the midriff such as tube tops, tank tops, halter tops or fish net tops. Undergarments must be worn at all times.

  10. Working With A Small Group • Call each child by name (name tags are helpful at first) • Offer each child a chance to participate. Quiet children are sometimes ignored. • Allow children to develop independence by letting them do as much as possible without your help. • Feel at ease, everyone makes mistakes.

  11. Opportunities • When special projects and volunteers opportunities arise, the school coordinator will send an email to all active volunteers via the web system. In other cases flyers and letters are sent home with the child. • (School Contact Name) - Insert Phone Number • (Assistant Name) – Insert Phone Number • PTA

  12. Thank you for taking the time to care! Questions? Applications and Sign-up

  13. Volunteer Guidelines & Code of Ethics • The Volunteer Guidelines and Code of Ethics and other useful information about volunteering is located on our website • http://teacher.ocps.net/sharia.clinkscales/ • Click on the ADDitions Volunteer link

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