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The Job Search Process (Overview) PowerPoint Presentation
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The Job Search Process (Overview)

The Job Search Process (Overview)

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The Job Search Process (Overview)

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  1. The Job Search Process(Overview) Figure out what you want to do or would enjoy doing. Obtain information on job opportunities, especially those related to #1 above. Market yourself aggressively, professionally, enthusiastically, etc.

  2. The Job Search Process(Overview) Step #1: Figure out what you want to do or would enjoy doing. Step #2: Obtain info on job opportunities, especially related to #1 above. Step #3: Market yourself aggressively, enthusiastically, professionally.

  3. Alternative Job Search Processes Do It Yourself Use On-campus Career Service Offices Use Off-campus Agencies

  4. Is it better to graduate in the fall or the spring from a ‘job opportunity’ perspective? A.Typically, of ISU Ag Bus graduates each year, about ¼ to 1/3 graduate in the fall. It doesn’t really matter. While the number of job interviews in the fall is lower, the number of job opportunities per graduate is about the same. It doesn’t make too much sense to delay your graduation for job placement reasons. If you don’t find a job you like at graduation time, you can always come back to school as a ‘special’ student (after graduating) and continue to search for a job.

  5. Things NOT to do in the job search process: Do NOT show up for a job interview. Do NOT prepare for an interview Do NOT have a high-quality resume. Do NOT take advantage of career-related work opportunities. Do NOT participate in leadership development activities. Do NOT add depth or rigor to your academic program. Do NOT continue to interview after you have accepted a job. Do NOT back out of a job offer ‘prematurely’.

  6. “Electronic” Mistakes(Job Search Process) Communicate by e-mail and treat it too informally or make writing mistakes. Put a message on your answering machine that is NOT professional. Put ‘incriminating’ information about yourself on the internet (e.g. Facebook).

  7. Sad Facts About ‘Planning’ Many people spend more time on planning short-term, relatively unimportant activities than they do on long-term, significant matters. Examples: Vacation vs. Retirement Tailgate vs. Job After Graduate

  8. Deciding on a Career Learn about the career before graduating Related internships/part-time jobs Listen to people talk about their jobs Club meetings Career seminar classes Career day exhibits Personal interviews Read brochures, do research, etc. Do what you enjoy

  9. SWLD Analysis in Job Search Likes Dislikes Strengths Weaknesses

  10. It’s only work if you’d rather be doing something else!!

  11. Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Jim Fox

  12. Characteristics of Careers Taken By Ag Business Graduates • ChallengingInterestingVaried ActivitiesPeople OrientedMoney FocusRewardingOpportunities for Advancement

  13. Outstanding ISU Ag Business Alumni Award Winners

  14. Examples of Companies that Recently Hired ISU Ag Bus Graduates • Kraft Foods • IBP Incorporated • West Central Co-op • Roche Inc. • Ag Chem Equipment • Asgrow • Golden Harvest Seed Co. • Ft. Dodge An. Health • General Mills • Rolling Hills FS (& other local co-ops) • Meredith Publishing • U.S. Commodities (& other market advisory co’s.) • Northwestern Mutual (& other insurance co’s.) • Iowa Pork Producers

  15. Examples of Companies that Recently Hired ISU Ag Bus Graduates • Archer Daniels Midland • Cargill • GROWMARK • Farmers Co-op Co. • Pioneer Hi-Bred International • Hormel Foods • Dow AgroSciences • CHS • ConAgra Foods • John Deere • CNH • Monsanto • Farm Credit Services • (& numerous other banks)

  16. Job Possibilities for Ag Bus Majors Advertising Agent Public Relations Appraiser Market Analyst Cooperative Extension Agent Accountant Lawyer Underwriter Technical Support Agricultural Salesperson Commodity Merchandiser Ag Loan Officer Crop Production Specialist Agribusiness Manager Farm Manager Food Broker Agronomist Product Manager

  17. Factors Influencing Career Opportunities for Ag Business Graduates • Supply of and Demand for Ag College Graduates • Academic Record • Extracurricular Activities • Work Experiences • Skills/Traits • Personal Decisions (e.g. driving, drinking, Facebook)

  18. Fall Ag Business Enrollment

  19. Job Information for S09 Ag Business Graduate Placements