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  1. THERE IS A KNOCK AT THE DOOR! A Strategy for Enhancing Midian Shrine Membership 2003

  2. Shrine Vision Statement • The Premiere Fraternal Organization for men of good character • Committed to providing attractive, quality programs and services for its members, their families and friends in a spirit of fun, fellowship and social camaraderie • Fostering self improvement through leadership, education, the perpetuation of moral values and community involvement • Serving mankind through the resources of its great philanthropy, the Shriners Hospitals for Children

  3. Current Situation TOTAL MEMBERSHIP AS OF 1/01/2002 3893 Nobles Created 134 Nobles Affiliated 3 Nobles Restored 45 Nobles Associated 1 Nobles Demitted (16) Nobles Suspended (158) Nobles Deceased (149) TOTAL MEMBERSHIP AS OF 12/31/2002 3752

  4. MEMBERSHIP GOALIncrease Midian Membership of 1/01/2003 by 1 as of 12/31/03 • Total Membership 1/01/2003 3752 • New Nobles Created 146 • Nobles Affiliated 5 • Nobles Restored 60 • Nobles Demitted (20) • Nobles Suspended (85) • Nobles Deceased (105) TOTAL MEMBERSHIP 12/31/20033753

  5. Action Plan • Establish Membership Committee • Recruitment Chairman: Jerry Martin 316-634-0084 • Restoration Chairman: Myron Frick 316-263-2825 • Retention Chairman: Bill Bailey 316-721-2859 • Unit Membership Chairmen: Appointed by Units • Administrative Support: Dee Morey and Peggy Krug • Membership Chairman: Richard Schopf 316-721-2359

  6. Action Plan • Implement an Inviting Attitude at Midian (Before we answer “The Knock at the Door”) • Have Divan, Units, and Clubs review and address these questions: • Are WE Driving Members away from OUR unit? • What can WE do to make OURSELVES more Approachable and Inviting? • What can WE do to make OURSELVES more visible?

  7. Action Plan • Membership Committee Objectives • Attend each Unit/Club Monthly Meeting at least once during the year to promote Recruitment, Retention, and Restoration. Discussion topic should focus on Recruitment and Retention. Units need to follow up on current members who have missed two consecutive meetings to determine if the unit member needs assistance with anything. Wherever possible Unit Meetings should be attended by two Committee Members. • Assist the Members identify their individual strengths in Membership. Some are good recruiters, some are good mentors, and some are good restorers. Let’s bring out their best.

  8. Action Plan • Recruitment • Chairman Jerry Martin will establish a sub-committee as he deems necessary to assist him in his efforts. • We will continue to maintain a well-stocked inventory of Shrine and Masonic promotional materials for the enjoyment of the Membership. Information regarding all Masonic organizations and Shrine Units/Clubs will be available. Membership information will continue to be provided to Unit Chairmen at the monthly Stated Meeting. • All Masters and Senior Wardens/Membership Chairman of area Lodges, Scottish and York Rites will be invited to a special dinner meeting to be held February 13, 2003 to address our mutual goal of membership. A second meeting may be held in late August.

  9. Action Plan • Recruitment Cont. • Prospective Member Seminars will be held at least 4 times during the year on March 27, April 2, September 22 & 30. • The Membership Float, or display, will be at various parades and the Shrine Circus. It will be made available to Units/Clubs for fundraising events. • Incentive awards will given for each Top Liner of a petition for membership in 2003. For the first petition Top Lined, the Top Liner will receive a Top Line Pullover/Windshirt. Top Liners of 4 petitions in 2003 a beautiful Shrine Wristwatch Top Liners of 6 or more petitions will receive 2 FREE Tickets to the Midian Christmas Dance. TOP LINE WINDSHIRTS WILL BE PRESENTED AT THE STATED MEETING BY THE POTENTATE.

  10. Action Plan • Retention • Chairman Bill Bailey will establish a sub-committee as he deems necessary to assist him in his efforts. • New Noble Orientations will be held following each ceremonial class. Focus will be on Shrine business, hospitals, Lady’s activities, and Units/Clubs. • New Nobles will be included in the Mentoring Program. It will be the responsibility of the Units/Clubs to mentor New Nobles that join their respective Unit/Club. All New Nobles will receive email of upcoming Shrine activities. • All Nobles (old and new) that are not members of a Unit/Club will be on a list provided to the Units/Clubs so they may be contacted (rushed) about interest in the Unit/Club. Consideration will be given to holding “Rush Meetings”.

  11. Action Plan • Retention Cont. • A Photo gallery of New Nobles will be placed in the Shrine Center lobby to help introduce them to the Nobility. New Nobles and their Ladies will receive a special 2003 New Noble Pin to wear throughout the year. • Prior to any ceremonial, a letter will be sent to each approved petitioner outlining the decorum expected of New Nobles at the ceremonial. Preferably, suit, or blazer, slacks and tie. At minimum, shirt and tie will be required.

  12. Action Plan • Restoration • Chairman Myron Frick will establish a sub-committee as he deems necessary to assist him in his efforts. • An intensive direct mail campaign will be undertaken January through April to Nobles who have not paid the current year’s dues, as well as those Nobles suspended 12/31/2002. • The Calling Committee will concentrate its efforts on contacting those Nobles suspended 12/31/2002 from January through April 2003. From May through December 2003, the committee will concentrate on contacting those members who have not paid the current 2003 dues.

  13. Action Plan • Restoration Cont. • Subject to approval by the Potentate, participation in golf/bowling tournaments, ceremonials, the Circus worknight, and parades will require a current year’s Membership Card. Special consideration will be given to Nobles needing financial assistance for payment of dues. Units will be asked to follow this guideline also.