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  1. Animals By: Jordin Walsh 2-27-2012

  2. The Animals by Edwin Muir    I liked this poem because it describes the birth and death of animals. The poet talks about how they live on the earth and never turn back into the memoried day. I understand this as all animals have a basic need to survive and do not recollect about how or when they do this. The poet also talks about how God creates animals and how all animals will never cease to exist. I have always loved learning about the existence of animals.

  3. O Love, Sweet Animal by Delmore Schwartz I liked this poem because it was easier to read and understand. The poet seems to describe the relationship between a woman and a cat. It talks about the woman being afraid of cats because she was terrified by a look many years ago. I am like the cat because I like helping people overcome their fears. This was a very enjoyable poem.

  4. “What do animals dream?” by Yahia Lababidi   I really like this poem because it is about animals and what they dream. I have always wondered what they think about when they are sleeping. The poet asked questions like, "Do they have holy moments of understanding deep in the seat of their entity?". Or do they just dream of nothingness.  These are questions that we will never know. Unfortunately animals do not have a voice of our understanding.

  5. O love , Sweet Animal by Delmore Schwartz

  6. O Love, dark animal,With your strangeness goLike any freak or clown:

  7. Appease tee child in herBecause she is aloneMany years agoTerrified by a lookWhich was not meant for her

  8. Brush your heavy furAgainst her, long and slowStare at her like a book,Her interests being suchNo one can look too much.

  9. Tell her how you knowNothing can be takenWhich has not been given:

  10. For you time is forgiven:Informed by hell and heavenYou are not mistaken .

  11. Bibliography Lababidi, Yahia. “What do animals dream ?”. Famous Poem and Poets. Famous Poem and Poets, n.d. Web 29 Feb. 2012.