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  1. FINAL PROJECT Made by: Kuban Dzhumagulov Teacher: Ms. Charlotte Subject: Life in the Digital Age

  2. INTRODUCTION Kyrgyzstan’s Flag My name is Kuban Dzhumagulov, but friends call me K. I am going to graduate in June, 2012. I was born on June 29, 1993 in Osh province of Kyrgyz Republic. While I was born in Osh province, I was raised in the capital city of our country, Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan is a small country in Central Asia. Kyrgyz stands for the word “forty/40” and is literally translated as “We are forty”, referring to the 40 clans of Manas that founded our country. This meaning was so important to our people that to this day we still incorporate 40 in our national flag. Traditional Hunting Clothing

  3. College John Jay College Brooklyn Campus My first pick for college is John Jay College. It is one of the best criminal law colleges in New York. I obviously plan to study for the Criminal Law Bachelor’s degree, and if everything goes smoothly even get an MBA. After getting my degree I plan to go on to John Jay Law School, which is part of John Jay College. There I will study for 2 to 4 more years to become an attorney. Some people ask me why I chose John Jay as my first pick, I tell them its in order to achieve my future goals. Those goals are pretty high, so completing a prestigious college like John Jay will considerably accelerate my plans.

  4. Occupation I have still not decided what direction I will take in John Jay Law School. I am trying to decide if I am going to become a lawyer or prosecutor. If I decide to become a lawyer it is better for my wallet, while if I decide to become a prosecutor it is better for my career and I get better benefits. One thing that I decided for sure is that I am going to remain in New York.

  5. My 30’s After I reach the age of 30, I will slowly start to take more time off to spend with my family and friends. One thing I am planning to do for sure is go back to Kyrgyzstan and visit my relatives. Another thing I want to do is fulfill my dream of going to Japan and seeing Himeji Castle. Visit all kinds of other places and try all kinds of Japanese cuisine, especially real Japanese sushi. And after that I will probably go to a more expected place for vacations like Hawaii. But that is all for the future, for now I will concentrate on college.

  6. Conclusion There are a few words of wisdom that I can give to my peers for their life after high-school. One thing is the fact that most of you will try to move out of your parents home and get a place of your own. My advice is that you hold off on getting your own apartment, since rent prices in New York are getting really steep. I am not saying you shouldn’t get a place of your own at all, get a friend that wants to get apartment as well and share rent. Just make sure to create ground rules and decide who does what and pays for what from the beginning and not along the way. Or a more convenient option is to live in college dorms, but that is also not cheap. Depending on whether its public or private college you and if you are alone or with someone else it can cost you from $8,000 to $10000 to live in college dorms. In case you REALLY want to live in college dorms, than look up your college and see if they are offering any on-campus jobs. Those jobs usually involve tasks like watching over dorms, cleaning trash or working in the kitchen. But they usually lower or totally remove costs for boarding, but you should do so as soon as possible since those jobs are take very fast. This is probably the best advice I can give you without knowing more about you. This concludes my Final Project for Life in Digital Age.