permanent vs electro lifting magnets n.
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Permanent Vs Electro Lifting Magnets PowerPoint Presentation
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Permanent Vs Electro Lifting Magnets

Permanent Vs Electro Lifting Magnets

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Permanent Vs Electro Lifting Magnets

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  1. Permanent Vs Electro Lifting Magnets

  2. About Lifting Magnets Lifting magnets can be used to move a variety of ferrous metals ranging from small bundles of rod or scrap to large and heavy blocks. Both permanent magnets and electromagnets can be constructed to produce different types of magnetic fields.

  3. Permanent Magnets It features capacities ranging from 330 pounds to 10,000 pounds. Multiple magnets can be used for heavier loads that are too long for a single unit to handle.

  4. These lifting magnets can be easily turned on and off by simply rotating a lever. Though, a safety latch is built in to ensure that the magnet is not accidentally turned off while performing lift.

  5. It is manier times machined thin as 0.25 inch which is presented to the machine operator as one of a stack of similar parts.

  6. It is designed to lift only one piece from the stack at a time. Extremely reliable if applied properly, these are unable to alter the amount of magnetism produced.

  7. Many machining operations are performed on thick, block-shaped material which is done by permanent magnets.

  8. The lack of an electrical hookup or a recharging requirement is the biggest strength of these types of magnets.

  9. Electromagnets Electromagnet along with variable voltage control allows the operator to manage the magnetic strength and select only one piece from the stack.

  10. Electromagnets creates magnetic field by using an energized electrical coil wrapped around a steel core to orient particles within ferrous materials in one direction.

  11. Though it requires constant power source, it can even be looked at as an advantage depending on how the magnet is being used.

  12. Generally built to run on DC current, it creates the need for a rectifier.

  13. This type of lifting magnets is useful for applications where the strength varies or remote controlling is desired.

  14. Electromagnets are the most cost-effective magnets per pound of lift. And even the capacities can be extended up to 10,500 pounds.

  15. It reduces the costs of equipment and operation as these are self-contained magnets which operate on 115-volt AC power.

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