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  1. GAIT Georgia Alliance for Inclusive Technology

  2. Business Requirements • Business Requirements • Top Five • User accessible • 508 Compliant • Suitable for those those with color blindness • Content management • Showcases companies that are doing good those with special needs

  3. Personas • After our initial meeting we thought that the site would be best suitable for: • Those with an disability who are constantly travel and require places that are accessible • Family and Friends of those with disabilities • Business looking to get more information about accessibility and diversity their workforces

  4. Rebecca Livingsworth • Age: 28 • Status: Engaged • Location: Manhattan, NY. • Occupation: Business Analysis • Disability: Handicap • Rebecca is a single Louisiana State graduate. She is currently a business analyst. Her job requires that she travels to different corporations nationwide to evaluate their business structures. She tends to have a flare at accomplishing the impossible.

  5. Scenario #1Primary User • Needs • Accessible Hotels • Accessible Travel Options • Flight • Taxi • Buses • Car Service • Local Business • Maps of Business that are Accessible • Rebecca’s job is requiring her to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to evaluate a local company. She has never been to Atlanta before and she not familiar with the territory. While she in town she would like to view the city.

  6. Richard SmithSecondary User • Age: 25 • Status: Single • Location: Athens, Ga. • Occupation: Tattoo Artist • Disability: None • Richard is a tattoo artist located in Athens, Ga. He also enjoys going to after-hour bars to listen to the local bands.

  7. Richard Smith • Needs • Information on making his home accessible • Accessible business and attractions • Maps • List of accommodations for each place • Richard got a call from his mother informing him that she and his blind cousin are coming to town. His mother wanted Richard to think of some ideas of where to take his cousin Susie in Athens. Richard has never dealt with a situation as such and is clueless of where to take his cousin Susie.

  8. Dave Witherspoon • Age: 32 • Status: Engaged • Location: Atlanta, Ga. • Occupation: CEO • Disability: None • Dave is the CEO of an advertising agency. The recently engaged entrepreneur is the son of disabled mother. He watched her struggle for years to find employment and vowed to make a change in his lifetime.

  9. Scenario #3Complimentary User • Needs • Information on ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities • Information on employing those with disabilities • Local organizations catering to those with disabilities • Dave just recently bought a building in downtown Atlanta that he is looking to renovate. His is looking to make is building accessible to all. Once the renovations are complete he would like to diversify this staff. He wants to be certain that his business all inclusive

  10. Site Map

  11. Site Map • While developing the site map: • We had a little trouble deciding how the tabs would be grouped • What how everything would be organized under each group

  12. Wireframe

  13. Wireframe

  14. Usability Testing • After conducting the usability test we concluded that: • The Footer was too dark that might be a problem for those with color blindness would have trouble viewing • Pages needed to be more consistent • The logo may be complicated to understand • The site was nice and clear with a nice layout

  15. Site Comps