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The purpose of a newsletter is to provide information to all Tres Lagos Members. PowerPoint Presentation
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The purpose of a newsletter is to provide information to all Tres Lagos Members.

The purpose of a newsletter is to provide information to all Tres Lagos Members.

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The purpose of a newsletter is to provide information to all Tres Lagos Members.

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  1. Tres Lagos The purpose of a newsletter is to provide information to all Tres Lagos Members. Please report any suspicious activity to Local Authorities June 2011 Board members: Newsletter President – Jim Rose Vice Presidents– Jeff Lester Secretary - Gayle Cerveny Treasurer – Barbara Lester Architectural Committee: Steve Cerveny Mike Tweton Office 903-588-2210 Website – Tres Lagos POA 153 Azalea Mt.Vernon, TX 75457 The office is not staffed. Please leave a message someone will get back to you. All complaints should be in writing and sent to the office. Franklin County is under a BURN BAN Please comply GOOD NEWS! The POOL is OPEN! The Court DENIED! the temporary injunction to close the pool which was filed by a few property owners who are not current on their maintenance dues.. The Board continues to fight for your rights! We will not allow your amenities and investment to be destroyed by the hands of any person or persons trying to demolish this community. We Thank You for your feedback and appreciate the wonderful comments you have given us. Pool hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday

  2. Information Clarification of Change in Maintenance DUES : The Board researched surrounding subdivisions prior to the removal of multi-lot discounts. The subdivision can not maintain and make improvements under the old maintenance fees. Our research found that other subdivisions DO NOT give multi-lot discounts, In fact a few subdivisions also charge road maintenance fees. WE have NO current plans of adopting road maintenance fees. A notice was sent out to multi lot owners prior to the change. We will work with any property owner who needs to pay out their dues on a monthly basis. ( Please contact the office to obtain a payment agreement) Please remember you must be current on all dues in order to use the pool, trash dumpster & pavilion. Illegal use of these facilities is considered a violation of the restrictions which may result in legal action. UPDATE on the collection of delinquent dues : We’ve been successful in collecting delinquent dues. The Collection Company continues to work with us to collect past dues. This process is working! Dues are collected twice a year payments are due by January 31st and July 31st A $20.00late fee will be assessed after the due date.

  3. On the legal side Reminder of the “Tres Lagos Convents & Restrictions” • You must submit all plans in writing to the Architectural Committee for Board approval prior to construction. Failure to do so will be considered a violation. • No sale, transfer, lease or disposition of any lot within the subdivision shall be consummated unless and until the name and address of the purchaser or transferee has been properly recorded on the books and records of the Property Owners Association. • No lease/rental agreement shall be finalized without a criminal background check being performed by the Owner or his agent. Rental of a property may be approved by a request in writing to the Board of Directors along with a copy of the lease agreement for at least six (6) months and giving personal identification information of the proposed renter. We appreciate your patience as our Tres Lagos Attorney continues to address issues pertaining to any lawsuits against the property owners association. We continue to feel confident these matters will be resolved in our favor.

  4. What’s COMING!!! • Clean up day coming October 15 & 16 2011 a large dumpster will be available to all property owners in good standing. • “Message Board” will be placed at the front entrance to keep residents informed. This message board will also • be available for any property owner to advertise the sale of their lots. • (The Board will place your information once reviewed and approval • New improved security Cameras to be installed at the front gate. • Several culverts and road repairs are scheduled for repair this fall • The Board is looking into offering entry gate remotes. Annual Meeting September 24, 2011 @ 10:00 AM Location- Tres Lagos Pavilion As you may know this coming September is Tres Lagos Board Election time. Elections are open to any property owner who is in good standing and wish to volunteer for a position on the Board. Please send us your name and the position on the Board you would like to be elected for. Prior to the elections we will send out ballots and proxies listing your name as a candidate. Please provide us a little information about yourself and your qualifications. All Property Owners who are current on their dues by July 31st, 2011 will be entered Into a drawing! The property owner who’s name is drawn will receive Free Dues for the Jan 2012 billing cycle Thanks for your continued support and efforts to make Tres Lagos a better place!