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Vision based rock, paper, scissors game PowerPoint Presentation
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Vision based rock, paper, scissors game

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Vision based rock, paper, scissors game

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Vision based rock, paper, scissors game

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  1. Patrik Malm Standa Mikeš József Németh István Vincze Vision based rock, paper, scissors game

  2. Task Create a vision based rock, paper, scissor game Realtime webcam image-processing

  3. Flowchart

  4. Initiation Smooth the image Color-space conversion - L*u*v The background is captured so that it can be subtracted in the following segmentation

  5. Hand segmentation Normal Bayesian classifier Mathematical morphology to decrease noise Use labeling to find the largest coherent component (or the two largest components in the 2 player game) Cut the hand at the wrist

  6. Isolating the hand • Cut the arm where the size is 70% of the maximum projection value • It works best for arms with vertical orientation • Improved solution using PCA which works for rotated arms as well

  7. Isolating the hand • The approximation of hand rotation is done using principal component analysis (PCA) • It is computed using eigenvectors of the second-order moment matrix (covariance matrix)

  8. Hand tracking Find the centre point of the hand in each frame Analyze the movement by looking at the relative change in position over a few frames The hand tracking is used to countdown

  9. Gesture identification Logarithmic values of three of the Hu set of invariant moments Bayesian classifier which then determines the current hand gesture

  10. Computer player Computer choose randomly (current) Markov chain to recognize the human opponent’s game strategy (implemented but not added)

  11. Known issues Skin color variations Sensitivity to lighting Background artifacts (skin or skin-like colored objects)

  12. Thank you for your attention Bibliography A.A. Argyros, M.I.A. Lourakis, Real time Tracking of Multiple Skin-Colored Objects with a Possibly Moving Camera, in proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 04), Springer-Verlag, vol. 3, pp. 368-379, Prague, Chech Republic,May,11-14,2004. OpenCV Library Wiki, "".