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Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography

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Glamour Photography

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  1. Glamour Photography By Nicole Avey Period. 5

  2. What it is? • Glamour photography is a form of photography that focuses on usually models. • Photographers highlight their natural features in a way which is meant to be flattering and artistic. • Many glamour photographers view there work as art. Using different unique poses to show of a humans natural features. • Often photographers bring out another side of the model, using lighting, composition, and interesting poses to draw the models hidden nature out into the open.

  3. Glamour photography is mostly done nude or semi-nude. If a girl does not like her body but is interested in glamour photography they put stuff on you bringing out there better parts and put things over stuff you don’t want to show. The photographers can also airbrush or edit things out to make them better. Marilyn Monroe’s 1953 set for playboy is a classic example of this kind of photography. Monroe Is nude but the props around her draw/hide the attention away. It is usually almost always possible to take glamour pictures of anyone. Although some people will certainly look better then others. But being a glamour photographer they learn to make sure you look your best and bring out your best and unique features. Stuff to know!(:

  4. Pictures they do, that aren’t so bad!

  5. My idea & more :D • My idea of Glamour Photography was totally different from what I got. When I heard of it I thought of sparkles and a lot of make-up. What I got was definitely different. I actually like Glamour photography I think it could help a lot of peoples self confidence. I don’t necessary think of it as a bad thing but people could get the wrong idea. • A famous glamour photographer is Arny Freytag. He has been in the playboy industry since 1974. • Photographers do this to make women feel beautiful and sexy. • They have a French word they use for this kind of picture taking and that is, Boudoir. • Boudoir sessions are very popular among brides, who often have an album of boudoir style photographs made as a present for their soon to be husbands. Images like this also rapidly gained popularity as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or in the celebration of weight loss or cosmetic alterations. • If you don’t like the size of your thighs, or stomach or anything you are insecure of they fix it right up. They make you look like the magazine models you see. They know how to edit everything you don’t like and make it look perfect.

  6. THE END!! (: • I hope you enjoyed ladies and gentlemen. Now you know a little more about glamour photography!