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Innovative Composite Solutions

Innovative Composite Solutions

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Innovative Composite Solutions

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  1. Innovative Composite Solutions

  2. Overview → the company→ facilities→ Composite Materials→ Engineering and Development→ Moulds and Prototyping→ Production→ Product Samples→ Contacts Innovative Composite Solutions

  3. The DG-Kunststofftechnik GmbH was founded in 2002 to fully utilize the competence of DG-Flugzeugbau GmbH and meet the requirements of customers from other product sections simultaneously.DG-Kunststofftechnik GmbH has fully access to the experience, know-how, certification and resources of DG-Flugzeugbau. DG-Flugzeugbau GmbH is certified for development, production and maintenance of miscellaneous types of aircraft and aviation parts.Our range of services and performance:→ development engineering and manufacturing of composite products → mould design various moulds for manufacturing and special applications → prototype design one-off production up to serial transition→ manufacturing small series and special parts, special knowledge in wet lamination The Company Innovative Composite Solutions

  4. Infrastructure Innovative Composite Solutions Location: Bruchsal, together with DG Flugzeugbau GmbH Production Area: ca. 4.500 sqmStaff: 60 in cooperation with DG FlugzeugbauGmbHLage:situated conveniently with motorway access

  5. highest rigidity high strength high energy absorption lowest structure weight Composite materials - Glass Fibre (GFK)- Carbon Fibre (CFK)- Kevlar Fibre (KFK)- Basalt Fibre (BFK)- Resin (up to 285°C operating temperature)- several low temperature Pre-PregsWe have all prevalent types of fabric and resin (also aviation certified) in stock. Innovative Composite Solutions

  6. Engineering & Development • active support right from the first idea- indication of solution possibilities- assistance in material selection- Application of modern CAD-Software - Processing of all prevalent CAD Formats:→ 2D: DXF, DWG→ 3D: IGES, STEP .... Innovative Composite Solutions

  7. - Rapid realization of your ideas by a sophisticated team - accurate design according to your specification in → precision→ thermal resistance→ weight→ surface quality→ strength, rigidity→ certification, quality→ costs - master form, prototype and serial mould construction - access to modern multi-axis rotary cutter Moulds & Prototyping Innovative Composite Solutions

  8. Production • a professional team, well-rehearsed by longtime experience with substantiated know-how- precision and quality standards from aircraft construction- 4.500sqm production area, designed for mould construction, manufacturing of large-scale components and special products in wet lamination- In-house spray chamber 10x3m- Quality Management System by DG-Flugzeugbau GmbH or individual solutions according to your specifications Innovative Composite Solutions

  9. Product sampleshigh strength Innovative Composite Solutions Fuel tank made of fibre glass, double shell construction - low weight - high compressive strength - perfectly processed - certified for aviation

  10. Product sampleshighest rigidity Innovative Composite Solutions Engine mount made from carbon fibre  Highest rigidity made at lowest weight

  11. Protective FRP-Casing for electric motor (F1-KERS-System): Tolerance 0,005 mm, load capacities up to 300°C and highest stability Client: Formular-1 Supplier Product Samples highest requirements Developement Innovative Composite Solutions Prototype Part Final Product

  12. Product samples special solutions Innovative Composite Solutions Fibre glass shaft with thread of carbon fibre to avoid the static charge of paper in a printing machine Client: Heidelberger Druck

  13. Product Samples large scale mould construction design  Test setup Innovative Composite Solutions  mould 12 x 3 m mould (deep-drawing) for storefront manufacturing  final product

  14. Product Samples  Wind Turbines: Prototype Manufacturing Innovative Composite Solutions

  15. Product Samples Custom madeInteriorforAmbulance-Jets Beamswithmountingplate (CarbonStructure) readytouseassembly Client: SpectrumAeromed Innovative Composite Solutions

  16. Product Samples • Custom madeMountingsfor Jets • (metrologicalinvestigation) Mountingforsilveriodiderods mountingformeasuring probe Innovative Composite Solutions

  17. Product Samples CarbonStairsforAmbulance Jets Innovative Composite Solutions

  18. Manager: Holger Back +49 (0) 7251/ 30 20-250 Contact Sales Manager: Stefan Göldner +49 (0) 7251/ 30 20-110 Technical Director: Dirk Ströbl +49 (0) 7251/ 30 20-192 Innovative Composite Solutions Design: Jelmer Wassenaar +49 (0) 7251/ 30 20-150 DG Kunststofftechnik GmbHOtto-Lilienthal-Weg 2 D-76646 Bruchsal – GermanyTel: +49 (0) 7251/30 20 – 190 Fax:+49 (0) 7251/30 20 - 199  E-mail: /