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Innovative Surveying Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovative Surveying Solutions

Innovative Surveying Solutions

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Innovative Surveying Solutions

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  1. Sunflower Pump Station Trough and Auger Rehabilitation - Pump No. 2 Innovative Surveying Solutions Presented by Timothy R. Case, PLS

  2. Laser Scanning Equipment

  3. Auger Scan – Scope of Services • Perform High Definition Laser Scanning • Provide laser scanning of the final rehabilitated trough area and auger flights after all coating systems have been applied. • Compile point cloud data to assemble a three dimensional model of the  new cradle (trough) and auger in Cloud Worx (or equal) software (Cyclone).  The rehabilitated concrete cradle shall be represented by a triangulated surface together with the rotational axis of the bearing plates.  Submit graphical representation of trough and auger flights based on elevation to the Sanitation District for documentation. • The gap between the finish surface of the auger flight edges and the finish surface of the trough shall not exceed 0.50 inches nor be less than 0.25 inches along the entire length of the trough to auger interface. • If the gap is not as specified, the Contractor shall make corrections and remediate the auger flight(s) outside diameter(s) and/or surface of the trough prior to auger being installed.  The Contractor shall re-scan and re-validate the remedial work with the laser scanner to verify that the gap is within tolerances..  A stamped and signed report shall be submitted by the surveyor documenting that the surfaces are within tolerances prior to reinstallation.

  4. Auger ScanPhoto of Auger in its Rehabilitation Cradle

  5. Auger ScanPhoto of Auger in its Rehabilitation Cradle

  6. Auger ScanPhoto of Auger in its Rehabilitation Cradle

  7. Auger ScanPhoto of Auger in its Rehabilitation Cradle

  8. Trough Scan

  9. Trough Scan

  10. Trough Scan

  11. Auger Registration

  12. Trough Registration

  13. Auger Point Cloud

  14. Auger Point CloudSurrounding Artifacts Removed

  15. Trough Point CloudView from Bottom up

  16. Trough Point CloudView from Top Down

  17. Trough Radius

  18. Rotational RadiusStation 0.00 set at Bolt Hole

  19. Rotational RadiusView along Z Axis Y-Axis Station 0+00 set at Bolt Hole X-Axis

  20. Rotational RadiusView Along Y-Axis Z-Axis – Stationing Sta 3.20 X-Axis Sta 0.00

  21. Rotational Radius VerificationCalculated from Total Station Measurements to Targets on Auger Rotated Through Three Positions

  22. Auger Flight Radius CalculationsLimit Box with 1-ft slice – Profile View

  23. Auger Flight Radius CalculationsLimit Box with 1-ft slice – Plan View X: -1.809 Y: 4.413 Z: 3.50 (Station) Scan Shadow Extracted Point Coordinates from Point Cloud Reference Beam X: -3.541 Y: -2.759 Z: 3.20 (Station) Scan Shadow

  24. Auger Flight Radius Calculations

  25. Final Report

  26. Additional ObservationsFlight Edge Skew – 0.02’

  27. Additional ObservationsReference Beam Skew – 0.02’-0.03’Note : Same Skew as seen on Auger Flight Edges

  28. Lessons Learned • Use more registration points (5+) when performing high accuracy scanning. • Use 360° targets (spheres) when performing high accuracy scanning. • Set targets as close to actual control point as possible when performing high accuracy scanning. • Identify specific areas/points/surfaces that will be used to merge scan registrations (register individual point clouds together) ahead of time before performing the field scans. • Use maximum residual points as basis for registration/interference calculations and analysis. • Perform extra high and extra low scan worlds to obtain high and low area point clouds lost from shadowing effect. • Be VERY careful to not include artifact points in cloud used for 3D figure modeling. • Have a contingency plan

  29. Questions