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INTERVIEWS. The interview is a crucial step in the recruitment process . How can you get prepared for an interview ?. When called for an interview , confirm the location of the interview and be there 10-15 minutes before the interview , neither earlier , nor later .

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  2. Theinterview is a crucial step in therecruitmentprocess.

  3. How can yougetpreparedfor an interview?

  4. Whencalledfor an interview, confirmthelocation of theinterviewand be there 10-15 minutesbeforetheinterview, neitherearlier, norlater.

  5. Alsobringextracopies of your CV andgoovertheinformation in it.

  6. BeforetheInterview • Findoutwhatsort of interviewyouaregoingto be having • Researchthecompanytofindoutaboutthem • Preparefortypes of questionstheymight ask you in relationtothatjob role • Researchyourself: thinkabouttheskills, strengths, andweaknessesyouhave • Trytousesomerelaxationtechniques

  7. DuringtheInterview • Relatetheanswerstothejobitself • Don’thideinformation • Don’t say youdon’thaveweaknesses but talk abouthowyou can overcomethem

  8. Don’tsoundoverambitious • Use body languageeffectively • Usepositivelanguage • Don’trundownyourpreviousemployer • Mentionachievementsandexperiencethatarerelevanttoyourapplication

  9. TYPES OF INTERVIEWS: • Distanceinterview • Groupinterview • Mealtimeinterview • One on oneinterview

  10. Panel interview • Behavioralinterview • Presentations • Caseinterviews

  11. INTERVIEW TIPS • Useappropriatestyle of language • Establisheyecontact • Be well-preparedforpossiblequestionsaboutyourachievementsandweaknesses • Lookandspeakconfidently • Avoidhavinglowenergyduringtheinterview


  13. Employerslookforthreemaintraitswheninterviewing a candidate: positivity, sense of responsibilityandcompetency.

  14. Theimage is capturedfirstwith body languagebeforethespokenwordregistersin ourmind.

  15. Eyecontact Steady Don’troam Don’tstareunblinking

  16. handshake Firmandgenderfree

  17. Fidgetsignals Don’tplaywithjewelleryorclothes Pay attentiontopace of language Don’t be toochatty Don’tovernod

  18. Positivesignals Position of handandface Confidentposture Sit back in thechair

  19. Non-verbalappearance Think of someoneyouadmire Be calm Workwith a purpose Headhigh

  20. The End

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