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How to Use Adobe InDesign CS3 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Use Adobe InDesign CS3

How to Use Adobe InDesign CS3

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How to Use Adobe InDesign CS3

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  1. How to UseAdobe InDesign CS3 by erika hansen and morgan stackman← oakton high school ←

  2. What is InDesign? • publishing software used to create media such as magazines, books, and other publications • we use it to design all pages for yearbook and newspaper • each document with two facing pages is a spread • hundreds of spreads make up a yearbook/newspaper

  3. Opening Files and Documents • open InDesign through Adobe Products folder on desktop • new doc → file →new →document • save in proper deadline and spread folder • file →save as →4770-page#-page#-spreadname.indd • ex: 4770-030-031-crew.indd

  4. The Basics palettes spread toolbar

  5. The Basics con’t grids: grey boxes are 2 pica x 2 pica white lines are 0p6 margins: anything outside will not be printed

  6. The Basics con’t →two picas →pica: unit of measurement used in InDesign and Photoshop

  7. The Basics con’t size of box in picas →when sizing pictures, round up to the next whole number → example: 22p5.93 is 23p must be 300 pixels per inch →use the rounded size of the box in InDesign to crop pictures in Photoshop

  8. Numbering Pages →layout →numbering & section options →start page numbering at [insert first page #] →ok →shows on final spread →numbers used in the production of the book

  9. The Toolbar selection tool → direct selection tool → text tool → line tool → picture box tool → rotation tool → helpful tip↓ *eyedropper tool → *if you need to access more tools, click and hold down over a tool with an arrow magnification tool → fill tool →

  10. Selection Tools selection tool → direct selection tool → direct selection tool selection tool →used to move objects →used to move to pictures within the frame →select object before typing or placing photo →helpful to indentify bad cropping →can be used for general selection throughout InDesign

  11. Text Tools text tool → →click and drag to create a text box →use the stroke drop-down menu to give or take away a border →text boxes should rarely have a border (0 pt stroke)

  12. Text Tools con’t text tool → ↑ the placeholder text will look like this how to fill with placeholder text →select text box →type→fill with placeholder text

  13. Text Tools con’t vertical scale (stretches letters vertically) font size font style of text (subscript, superscript, etc) horizontal scale (stretches letters horizontally) leading (size of space between lines of text) skew (the tilt of letters in degrees) font style (bold, italic, etc) tracking (size of space between letters)

  14. Text Tools con’t paragraph style hyphenate paragraphs right indent columns left indent drop cap (number of letters) first line left indent last line right indent drop cap (in number of lines)

  15. Eyedropper Tool eyedropper tool →used to pull color from pictures to select a color: →click on tool →open swatches tab (on right toolbar) →place eyedropper over desired color eyedropper tool → →click ‘new swatch’ →click (eyedropper should switch sides and turn black)

  16. Line and Rotation Tools line tool →use to draw lines →hold down the shift key to make a straight line line tool → add a stroke to the line (how thick it is) rotate tool→ change the line weight rotate tool →select picture then click rotate tool to turn the picture

  17. Other Tools magnification tool fill tool →another way to make new swatches →change color of text →can input exact colors using RGB and CMYK →to zoom out, hold down ‘alt’ and click (the ‘+’ should change to a ‘-’) magnification tool → fill tool →

  18. Pages select pages →use this to select which page you want to work on →double click on page to jump straight to it master pages select pages master pages add pages →anything on master page appears on every spread in document (ex. pica boxes) →items on master are inaccessible during regular editing →double click on master page to access it delete pages

  19. Links links →always remember to check your links! →red stop sign – file is saved wrong →yellow yield sign – file has been altered →make sure all files are named correctly (4770-page#-page#-spreadname.indd) →if red or yellow signs show up, you MUST replace photo

  20. Stroke →when you create a picture box, there is no line, or stroke, around the edges

  21. Swatches fill border to select a color from the picture: →use eyedropper tool to pick color from picture →double click on RGB Swatch →find color in swatches then can reuse color →can change the color of the fill and border

  22. Character and Character Styles character character styles →this can be used to change font instead of toolbar →if prearranged fonts and types are set up, find them here →the styles have specified fonts, sizes and strokes assigned to them →highlight text →click on type you need

  23. Paragraph →always check to make sure the text is de-hyphenated →paragraph→uncheck hyphenate box →see ‘text tools’ pages for more information