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    a clothes store for men and range from sports clothes such as Nike , Adidas and Puma and clothes that are stylish and are very presentable we even sell suits for formal wear . We also sell beach clothing like Billabong and Quicksilver and skate clothes like Globe and Element .There are also store brand clothes which we design ourselves.
  3. THE STAFF My store has a number of staff ranging from 16-30 years of age to relate to the many customers we get through the week. Our employees must go through 3 weeks training to teach them skills they can use to sell our products .The training includes ways to sell a product ,What clothes look good and social speaking .
  4. OUR IMAGE Our store is a respectable and neat store with posters put up all over the store of people surfing, skating and hot chicks to attract the right age group. We have both internal and external displays that we put our latest and most popular products on to advertise them we are also going for the party image and make our store the place to go when you need some clothes before a night out.
  5. PROMOTING To promote this buisness we have held skate comps ,surf comps,bmx comps where we handed out flyers and gave them free products and we would give away free stuff also we would sponser whoever would come first and second in competitions for a prize and we also would give them free stuff. and on holidays like Christmas and Easter we hold raffles and whoever has bought something from the store can exchange there reciept for a raffle ticket and the prize would be a hamper full of clothing.
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