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Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair

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Exhaust Repair

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  1. Exhaust Repair • If there is an issue with your exhaust system, you need to have the issue addressed immediately as the problem will only get worse. The exhaust is an essential component of your vehicle. It undergoes very strong thermal and mechanical stresses during its life. High temperatures and acidic exhaust fumes attack the internal wall of the exhaust system. External corrosion and rust can be caused by rain and dirt on the underside of your vehicle. It’s also common for older exhausts to come loose from their supports. This can happen over time simply due to vibrations caused by driving. Therefore, it’s important to have your exhaust checked regularly by a trained technician. Any damage to your exhaust could cause your emissions to increase, which would result in your cars MOT failure.

  2. Catalytic Converters • Catalytic Converters • Over the years, car manufacturers have been trying to find ways to reduce the harmful pollutants produced by vehicles. In 1975 they came up with the catalytic converter and this is now the most important part of a car’s emission control system. In 1993 it became the law in the UK for new cars to be sold with catalytic converters in order to meet European emissions standards. The catalytic converter is beneficial not just to the environment but also to your car’s performance. However, it’s essential to have it checked regularly as faulty cats are expensive to repair. The Lambda sensor works in conjunction with the catalytic converter to determine how much oxygen the car is using, so this also should be checked if you have an exhaust issue.

  3. Exhaust System • Exhaust System • Your exhaust is an essential safety system in your car. If parts of exhaust system break or become worn and aren’t replaced or repaired, this could result in harmful gases potentially being released around the driver, passengers, and surrounding environment, which can be a dangerous situation. As your vehicle’s exhaust is found on the outside of your car, it’s exposed to elements such as debris in the road that can sometimes cause damage, so it’s important to keep an eye on how your car is running. Thankfully, exhaust parts are relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

  4. Exhaust System • Sometimes, the worst part of getting your car fixed is having to bring it to the garage. We are therefore happy to offer our customers a free collection and delivery service If you prearrange a collection, we will pick your car up from your home or place of work and drive it to our premises, carry out all the necessary work (having consulted you) and deliver it back to you at the end of the day. • We are able to tow, jump start or repair your vehicle if you are experiencing problems or broken down for a small fee. If we can’t sadly start your vehicle, we can contact a local recovery firm to collect your vehicle for a very competitive price. • Don’t want to waste your day off? • You don’t have the time to take your car in for a service or repairs? • Have you got problems with getting to and from the garage? • Here at Many Autos, we believe that we offer a valuable product with our Free Collection and Delivery Service, we can collect either from your place of work or from your home address. If you are unsure about whether the address you are considering having your vehicle collected from is not within our range, then please do contact us.

  5. Exhaust System • Many Autos operate a fleet of pool cars with a dedicated driver, so wherever we are collecting from, we need to be able to leave one of our pool vehicles either in your work car park / parking space, or if in a residential area, we would need to be able to leave our car either at your house or on the road with a permit if required. We would be grateful if you could bear this in mind when booking to use our free Collection and delivery service • 01189 876300 • info@manyautosltd.com