melanoma prevention n.
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Melanoma Prevention

Melanoma Prevention

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Melanoma Prevention

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  1. Melanoma Prevention For High School Students

  2. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer • Melanoma begins in the Melanocytes: • The color producing skin cells of the epidermis. • The brown pigment or melanin that these cells produce gives a person their tan. What is Melanoma?

  3. This year 33,580 men will be diagnosed with melanoma, as well as 26,000 women. • Melanoma is more likely to occur later in life, it is more likely for : • People with fair skin, freckles and moles • People who had bad sunburns in childhood, adolescence or the early 20's. • People with a family history of melanoma • Melanoma is more likely to develop later in life though it is actually one of the most common cancers for people under 30. Who develops Melanoma?

  4. Yes, by regular body vigilance and protecting yourself against the sun. • Reduce your risk of melanoma is by lowering your exposure to ultraviolet rays. • Ultraviolet rays come from the sun and from the bulbs in tanning beds. • You can lower your exposure by: • Wearing hats, coverings and sunglasses • Seeking the shade • Wearing sunscreen • Avoiding tanning beds! Can melanoma be prevented?

  5. An adult in a bathing suit should use one ounce of sunscreen. • Applied 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. • Never use less than SPF 15. • Sunscreen should protect against both UV-A and UV-B rays • Sunscreen should be worn on cloudy days as well: • clouds don’t filter UV-A rays. How Much, When and Why Should I apply Sunscreen?

  6. Check the trunk, face, neck, legs and less viable areas for abnormal moles. • Melanoma can happen anywhere on the body: • In fair skinned people • In men it often appears on the chest or back • In women it often begins on the legs, neck or face. • In darker skinned people appears on the soles of their feet or the palms of their hands. • A thorough check should be done once a month How to Check for Melanoma

  7. Moles are benign or harmless skin tumor • A mole should be checked by a doctor for melanoma if it has: • An asymmetrical shape • An irregular border • More than one color • A large diameter • Recently changed in color or shape What Do Abnormal Moles Look Like?

  8. No, Melanoma, is actually less common than other skin cancers. • Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer. • Melanoma causes 80% of skin cancer deaths. • 7,770 Americans will die of melanoma this year. • It is more likely than the other types of skin cancer to spread, recovery rate drops by 70%. Is Melanoma the only type of skin cancer?