presenter kenneth kwan general manager the green polar bear n.
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Presenter - Kenneth Kwan General Manager The Green Polar Bear PowerPoint Presentation
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Presenter - Kenneth Kwan General Manager The Green Polar Bear

Presenter - Kenneth Kwan General Manager The Green Polar Bear

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Presenter - Kenneth Kwan General Manager The Green Polar Bear

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  1. Presenter - Kenneth Kwan General Manager The Green Polar Bear Music by - U2 ‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’

  2. The Green Polar Bear Branding & Promotions

  3. Let’s take a 5 minutes journey together with The Green Polar Bear...

  4. …and discover how our branding & promotion strategy will benefit your resort

  5. The Green Polar Bear is embarking on a venture to brand and promote Southeast Asia’s vacationing resorts to the Singapore market

  6. We would like to invite your resort to participate in this venture

  7. In a project titled ‘Refresh with Bali’

  8. This is an ambitious project

  9. That aims to refresh and boost Bali’s tourism industry

  10. by branding and promoting Bali’s Resorts Such as yourresort …

  11. …in a manner that Singaporeans can appreciate

  12. So that Bali Will once again be a choice destination of Singaporeans

  13. But we need YOU to accomplish these ambitions together

  14. How can Project ‘Refresh with Bali’ help boost your resort?

  15. The Green Polar Bear will… through our ‘Branding Boutique’

  16. Create marketable values of each resort under the brand of The Green Polar Bear

  17. and be promoted under The Green Polar Bear’s resort directory

  18. that Singaporeans can identify

  19. Copies of this resort directory will be received by corporate management leaders, societies’ chairman, schools, business owners of small and medium enterprises etc…

  20. Companies which might because of this, now want to organize corporate sponsored trips corporate retreats or even just for the holiday packages

  21. end up in a plane heading for… Bali

  22. And by being branded as a family of resorts • Cost and risks can be better managed

  23. market influences affecting vacationing behavior can be taken advantage of

  24. Branding and promotion opportunities can be boosted together as a family

  25. And the chances of a guest returning or recommending your resort… Will be so much higher

  26. Let’s see what Singaporeans say about Bali

  27. “I like to go to Bangkok for its shopping Hong Kong for its lifestyle and food but to go for a real holiday I will always choose Bali”

  28. “Bali cannot be compared to other countries. The shopping isn’t the best, the food is no big deal, its expensive… but no matter what I say, in my heart I always know that my best holidays were spent in Bali”

  29. “Bali will always hold memories for me and my wife Bali is where I proposed to her”

  30. “I wish … to go back to Bali I miss Bali so much”

  31. “Can someone tell me that it is safe to go back to Bali?”

  32. “Can someone tell me where to stay and what to do in Bali? There are so many resorts, spas and so many places to go… Or should I just stay with Hard Rock Hotel?”

  33. are we there yet?

  34. Why Singaporeans?

  35. Cos’ we need to go overseas for our vacations

  36. We have to!

  37. “There’s nowhere-to-go & nothing-to-do in Singapore” “We have already been to all the places in Singapore when we were 16 years old”

  38. We have become a ‘ready-to-travel’ population

  39. 3 million people… …that made 5 million trips overseas …and spent millions

  40. …almost there

  41. Resorts that want to be part of “Refresh with Bali”

  42. Must be… Forward-looking Creative Committed Dynamic…

  43. It is a time of re-growth for Bali… …but are you creating new paths for yourself?

  44. Or are you still going to take the same old path… like other resorts that gets left behind?

  45. Or a resort that jumps ahead of others?

  46. So don’t pass this opportunity Because someone else will take it

  47. Let’s work together to make that jump ahead

  48. Thank You