the great depression n.
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The Great Depression PowerPoint Presentation
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The Great Depression

The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

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  1. The Great Depression Created by: Jonathan Riesbeck Schuyler Crull Will Glascoe Derek Glon Catie Reynolds

  2. Background Information… • The Great Depression took place from around 1929 to the early 1940s • The Great Depression officially started when the stock market crashed October 29th, 1929. • The Great Depression put millions out of work, and it was the beginning of the government becoming involved in society and the economy.

  3. The Beginning.. • Black Tuesday marked the beginning of the Great Depression on October 29th, 1929. • Black Tuesday was the day the stock market collapsed. • The U.S. had already been experiencing recent downfalls, but after the market crashed, the Depression had officially begun.

  4. World War II(1939-1945) • Many believed WWII marked the end of the Great Depression. It didn’t completely abolish the Great Depression but did have many affects..

  5. Government During the Depression… • Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933, during his administration many changes took place: • Increased presidential power • Presented the New Deal.

  6. What IS the New Deal? The New Deal was a major effect on the Great Depression presented by FDR. It was intended to help bring the U.S. out of recession. The New Deal introduced.. • Social Security Act • Federal Security Administration

  7. The “Dirty Thirties” The Dust Bowl was also known as the “Dirty Thirties.” During the thirties, for a period of time, America suffered from strong and severe dust storms… The soil turned to dust and blew eastward and westward in large dark clouds. They called these dark gloomy clouds of dust “black blizzards.”

  8. Effects of the “Black Blizzards” The dust storms impacted greatly on the lives of many Americans, especially those in the south. • Soil and crops had been destroyed • Sent America into a drought

  9. Agriculture.. What happened? • Millions of acres of farmland had been destroyed completely or had been severely damaged. • People that owned farms or land that'd been effected by the storms moved to a new place. • Owning no land, migrant workers traveled farm to farm trying to scavenge the scarce crops that hadn’t died in hope of survival.

  10. Our Predictions on:To Kill a Mockingbird • We predict that there will be… • Lots of stereotyping • The people will be “cliquey” • The rich will avoid and look down upon the poor and those in need • Class and money will be important • The community will be broken up probably into social class.. • The poor will live in poor conditions • Houses that seem to be falling apart, little food, worn clothes • The rich will live in grand conditions and refuse to face the needs of the less fortunate • Victorian houses, expensive food, extravagant style in clothes

  11. To Kill a Mockingbird Because Scout’s father is a lawyer, he is probably upper class.. People probably treat him with respect. • Scout’s classmates could act jealous or accept it. • The wealthier of his class mates may lean towards him while the less wealthy turn away..

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