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The Great Depression PowerPoint Presentation
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The Great Depression

The Great Depression

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The Great Depression

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  1. The Great Depression • By: Anjana Pranavi

  2. Great Depression (introduction) The Great Depression was when the stock market crashed because no economic growth, businesses closed and people were losing a bunch of money during about ten years from 1929 to 1939. Lot of people were depressed with lack of food, jobs, and resources like clothing, electricity, and water. Most of the shops and companies were closed like they were on strike. Luckily the “New Deal” program that was passed by the Congress during the first term of the president FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) ended the depression.

  3. Facts of The Great Depression • 25% of unemployment • Home owners lost homes at the rate of 1000 homes per day • Rich business people were selling apples on street corners for their family survival • Most of the businesses were shut down due to no money to run • People coped daily with hunger, crime, and diseases • Family life was stressful because all adults worked hard for surviving • Nearly 750,000 farms were lost • Thousands of schools were operating on reduced hours or were shut down entirely. Around three million children dropped out of the schools. • Discrimination against women was common during the Great Depression. Women were not given the jobs at all. • Severe drought and dust storms dried out farmlands and forced families to leave their farms. The drought and dust killed tens of thousands of animals. • People played the game of monopoly often because the were poor and they felt like they were rich

  4. The Economic Growth During The Great Depression • In 1933, the president Franklin D. Roosevelt promised a plan called “New Deal” program for the economic growth during the Great Depression. Some of them are….. • Social Security Act (SSA) - This Act helped the retired people who were unable to find jobs and living in poverty, get some relief from the Government. The Congress pulled some funds for this program, and the rest of the money came from payroll taxes (introduced newly). Older Americans, and the disabled were given some money from this program. • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)– Built Dams to provide jobs, etc. TVA was created to develop the economy in the Tennessee Valley region which was hit extremely hard by the Great Depression. The TVA still exists in this region to this day. It is the largest provider of electricity in the United States • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) – This Act was created to fight unemployment. This work relief program provided jobs for many Americans. The CCC was responsible for building many public works and created structures, trails in parks,planted trees, and built sheltersacross the nation. • Works Progress Administration (WPA) – This program put many jobless workers to work on projects like constructing roads, hospitals and parks. These programs helped putting more than 8 million people back to work

  5. Imports and Exports The main exports of the US during the Great Depression were molasses, coffee, and salt. The main imports of the US were agricultural products, tobacco, and sugar. The main trading partners were Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Great Brittan, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Latin America. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 raised US tariffs to historically high levels. This was originally intended to help protect domestic farmers against agricultural imports. This Act was more a consequence of the Great Depression than an initial cause. However, its passage did not help end the Great Depression and in fact caused more suffering. The U.S. Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934 helped to introduce lower tariffs on imports and exports negotiated by the United States to all other Nations. This helped the United Sates exports and imports to improve the economy.

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