the great depression n.
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  1. THE GREAT DEPRESSION Today’s Episode: Why Is Everyone So Sad? Learning Target 1: Gov’t Policy prior to the Great Depression

  2. What do you know about the Great Depression?

  3. The Great Depression was 80 years ago. Why is it in the news today?

  4. Today’s world…

  5. Take out whatever you’ll be using for notes Write the following: Unit: Great Depression LT 1: Gov’t Policy prior to the Depression 9/5 (optional) What is a Recession?

  6. Handout questions • What is a recession? What factors does it include? • Recede: to go backwards • How is a depression different from a recession?

  7. How does a recession occur? • Use paragraph two to create a chart that shows how a recession can occur AND become a cycle (this second part might take some thought) • Write title at the top: “How a Recession Occurs” • Start with a good economy and go from there (hint: two arrows should split off)

  8. THE GREAT DEPRESSION Today’s Episode: So How Bad Is It Really Right Now? LT 1: Gov’t Policy prior to the Great Depression

  9. Warm-Up: Answer the following by discussing w/the person next to you Use your notes if you don’t know the correct answer. • Define recessionin three words or less. • What are three things that typically occur during a recession? • How is a recession different from a depression?

  10. Warm-up: Discuss with the person closest to you T/F: We are currently in a recession Use the root word of recession to explain what it is

  11. Use the “Did The Great Recession Bring Back The 1930s?” article to complete the following in your notes section w/the heading: LT 1, Great Recession vs. Great Depression In your own words, what is the Great Recession? What do you think a gov’t-funded safety net is? Using the paragraphs on the back (NOT the chart), write two ways in which the Great Recession and Great Depression are different. Choosing ONLY from the chart at the end, explain which thing surprised or interested you the most and why.

  12. Taking the comparisons further...

  13. Job losses: Great Depression vs. Great Recession

  14. Closure Share two things you learned today with the person closest to you Agree on one question you have about what we covered whether you’re unclear on something or just want to know more