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Geometry in Golf PowerPoint Presentation
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Geometry in Golf

Geometry in Golf

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Geometry in Golf

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  1. Geometry in Golf By: Vanessa Rennie 2nd hour Novak

  2. Point • A location, no size, represented by a small dot and named by a capital letter. The hole is the point on the mini golf course. The golf ball is the point on a golf course.

  3. Line • A series of points that extends in two opposite directions without an end. The line is where the travels from to the endpoint of where it stops. The line is the ground of where the golf ball travels.

  4. Plane • A flat surface that has no thickness; contains many lines and extends without an end in any directions of all its lines, single capital letter(three noncollinear points) In both of these pictures, the golfers will hit their ball into a different section of the golf course, or known as the different planes of the golf courses.

  5. Angle • The union of two rays with a common endpoint The girl golfer is lining her golf club up straight with the ball, her back swing goes to a certain angle. The golfer lines up and his back and arms are at a certain angle.

  6. Ray • the line that consist of one endpoint and the points of the line on one side of the endpoint The ball travels within a line but continues to travel off the green. The golfer wants the ball to go into the cup but instead it travels pasted the cup.

  7. Circle • A closed plane curved consisting of all points at a given distance from a point called the center The golf ball around the cup represent a circle.

  8. Midpoint • The point on a line segment half way in between two other points evenly. The ramp (picture to the right) is showing half way between the golfers start and the cup, where the golf ball is suppose to go in.

  9. Network • An arrangement of intersecting of horizontal and vertical lines Golfers use horizontal and vertical lines to set their club up to hit the ball into the cup but also use it to set up their position before hitting the ball.

  10. Polygon • A closed plane figure, having three or more straight sides The side of the golf cart is in the shape of a polygon and so is the overview of a blueprint of a mini golf course hole.

  11. Line Segment • The part of a line consisting of two endpoints and all points between them The golfer is lining up his put the ball and the cup are the points within a line segment.