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1818 Advanced College Credit Saint Louis University PowerPoint Presentation
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1818 Advanced College Credit Saint Louis University

1818 Advanced College Credit Saint Louis University

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1818 Advanced College Credit Saint Louis University

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    1. 1818 Advanced College Credit Saint Louis University Forensic Science

    2. Saint Louis University 1 Why College Credit?

    3. Saint Louis University 2 The Program(website) The 1818 Advanced College Credit Program provides an opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors in participating high schools to begin experiencing the academic rigors of college course work while still in high school. Students who meet registration requirements, course prerequisites, and timely tuition payments, and successfully complete the course, receive graded course credit toward a degree from Saint Louis University or transfer to another higher level institution.

    4. Saint Louis University 3 Teacher Requirements Masters degree 18 hours in science 2 letters of recommendation Establish an accepted course syllabus

    5. Saint Louis University 4 Student Requirements 11th or 12th grade 3.0 grade point average to get college credit, but ANY student who wishes to work at the college level can take the course. All students will do exactly the same work College Credit is $55.00 per credit hour. (Forensic Science is 3 credit hours of Sociology credit--$165.00)

    6. Saint Louis University 5 Class Requirements Cover the major topics and objectives of Saint Louis Universitys Introduction to Forensic Science One research paper or project Cumulative final exam Be taught at a college level

    7. Saint Louis University 6 Overall Goals of Soc 260 to introduce various disciples and methodologies of forensic science to understand the roles that the various scientific disciplines play in crime investigations to demonstrate the use of forensic science in actual cases

    8. Saint Louis University 7 Course Topics Introduction Forensic science history Frye and Daubert Important forensic experts and careers Crime Scene Working a Crime Scene Types of Evidence Evidence collection Pathology--autopsy Trace Evidence Hair--structure, microscopic examination, human vs animal Fiber--source and differences Glass--refractive index, density, fracture patterns Fingerprints History Anatomy Lifting prints--physical and chemical methods DNA Structure Typing--RFLP, PCR, STR, mtDNA, y-chromosomal Serology Blood detection Blood typing Blood pattern analysis Toxicology Drugs Poisons Alcohol

    9. Saint Louis University 8 Additional Topics It is highly recommended that these be included: Anthropology Identifying bones Determining age, height, sex, and race from bones Entomology Human decomposition Insect activity and PMI Questioned Documents Handwriting Ink analysis

    10. Saint Louis University 9 How Does Your Course Become 1818? Fill out: Faculty information Sheet Teacher Application Form Send: Official transcripts Course approval form Letters of Recommendation Course Syllabus and the filled out forms to Gayle Make the necessary changes at your school and district

    11. Saint Louis University 10 High School Course Outline Template SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY 1818 Advanced College Credit Program Soc 260 Introduction to Forensic Science High School Name High School Course Name and Number Course Syllabus Date of Semester Instructor: Contact Information: Office Address (?) E-mail Address (?) Phone (?) Availability Text Information: Course Objectives: Significant Course Content and Approximate Dates and/or Calendar: Significant Learning Activities and Approximate Deadlines and/or Calendar: Major Assessment / Evaluation Strategies and/or Calendar: Method for Determining Final Grade for Course: Grading Scale: Key Information Essential to Student Success in Course: Academic Integrity Statement: This class holds the same standards of academic integrity as other classes at Saint Louis University. Complete, specific college guidelines are available at

    12. Soc 260 Introduction to Forensic Science Questions and/or Comments?